Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I Applied For A Job!

If you look close you will see a pool man, that could be my husband!

The Best Job in the World – Island Caretaker Great Barrier Reef
I'm having my husband apply too! Over 25,000 people have already applied but let me tell you why I think we are the people for the job.
First of all the job requires you to search the island and report back to the adventures of Tourism through weekly blogging. Hello! I can do that!
Feeding fish: We use to have a salt water aquarium and am use to feeding kids all day.
Clean the pool: We own our own pool business. This is for us:)
Collect the mail: How hard is that?

Living above the Great Barrier Reef is a pretty unique benefit, but the successful
candidate will also be paid a salary package of $150,000 for the six-month contract.
Tourism Queensland is seeking applicants for the best job in the world! This is real. Check it out! The Best Job In the World
Of course if either one of us get picked we will all go. We have employee's trust me I have it already figured out. haha
The kids could learn so much! And they are really hard workers too!
I could see us now......


Loni's World said...

LOL Yeah I saw that too!
Wouldn't that be awesome!

Justin and Jenn said...

I saw that on the news! I REALLY want that job too!