Monday, January 12, 2009

Not Me Monday..and More

Well for starts, I DID NOT just turn 29 no NOT ME last I remember I was 21. How did 29 come so fast? My twenties were a blurr. Filled with pregnancy, nursing and lots of diapers!

Let's see well Finley wouldn't fall asleep and was really fussy. She finally fell asleep in my lap and I couldn't help but watch a booger going in and out of her nose as she was breathing. I DID NOT stick my big finger in her little nostril to pick it out and wake her up. I wouldn't do that to a sweet peaceful sleeping baby.

I DID NOT give Landen a hard candy to suck on in the car when we were waiting for Faith's violin lesson to be over. Then I left Austin in the car with the kids and ran in for a split second to pay Faith's violin teacher and return just in time to see Austin doing the Heimlich on Landen (still in his carseat). He was chocking on the hard candy I gave him. I DID NOT stick my finger down his throat and get it out! I DID NOT almost have a heart attack and start crying. SCARY!
I DID NOT deserve the surprise party my husband threw for me. I had no idea what he had up his sleeve. I DID NOT have my sisters call him and try and get it out of him on what he was planning.
The kids and I got back from the park and my husband had flowers on the table and said get ready were going out. Being that I had no idea what I was going to wear, I DID NOT just continued to wear the same moo-moo I had on at the park that had chocolate icing, spit-up and boogers on it. I ditched the flip flops,threw on some heels and sprayed lots of perfume on.
My parents, my in-laws, his brother and my sister-in-law,my sister's,Scott, Aven and my grandparents showed up. We all got in a Hummer limo and headed to City Walk in LA for dinner and some dancing.

In the limo...The kids want me to get a stetch Hummer Limo as an every day car. Austin said that way we can have lots and lots of kids!

7-up toast

Me listening to my brother sing Happy Birthday. One of my favorite things on my day is having people call and sing Happy Birthday. I woke up to my grandparents singing a birthday duet to me (so cute!) I do have to say the best duet this year goes to Uncle Joe and Aunt Cheryl. It was close though!

my dad

my beautiful mom (who do you think I look like?) I've always thought I look like my mom but the older I get I think I'm looking like my dad. I look in the mirror and see my dad....with hair. (weird)

My sisters and cute lil Stinky stinkin up the limo

We ate at Hard Rock

The old lady moo moo dress, soon it will be big red hat on my head too.

Let me just say my kids know how to party! Farrah danced till mid-night non stop!

First limo ride for Finley,Aven and some of the grandparents.

Thanks Brenda for taking all these pictures! Your now hired as my photographer along with already being my personal shopper and ride along sit in the car with the kids while I run errands lady:) Love you and loved the Coldstone Ice cream cake too! I DID NOT just eat it all!
Thanks to everyone who made my birthday special, I'm sure your glad it's over but at my house it's not just my birth-day it's my birth-month haha!


Hollie said...

okay bridget, is it possible for you to be any cuter?!
You are such a gorgeous little momma! I love seeing you with your whole family.
The pics turned out GREAT and it's obvious that ya'll had a wonderful time together! I think you look a little like both of your parents.
Again, happy bday my friend.

and seriously, where are you getting these cute dresses? your bday dress and the one from your profile from Thanksgiving?!! this chic really needs to know!

kristina16marie said...

Happy Birthday! I'm glad you didn't go in the hot air balloon. I was scared for you!

JenCoen said...

looks like y'all had too much fun!! :-)

Julie said...

Way too cute Bridget.. Looks like you had a wonderful birthday.. Miss you guys tons. Let's try and get together this week.

The Tello Family said...


Shannon Hartz said...

Happy Birthday - looks like you all had so much fun:)

Anonymous said...

Gald you had a wonderful birthday! Beautiful beautiful pictures.

Bridget said...

Hollie believe it or not the moo-moo in these pictures I found at Target for like 20 bucks and the one from Thanksgiving was from Target too on clearance for like $8.00. SCORE!

Megs said...

Looks like you guys had tons of fun! I'm so glad you had a great 29th birthday and your family spoiled you! You deserve it! Love ya!

Jen said...

Look's like you had a great Birthday! Your family is so cute! So you get a birth-month!! Man I should have thought of that, I get a birth-week! Time to change the rules!!

Loni's World said...

It looks like you had a lot of fun.

The Achee Family said...

SO scary about the choking. I have gone through that once before with Jackson and it really is the scariest thing. It was with a lemon head. Yikes! Looks like you had such a great birthday. You look beautiful as always!!