Sunday, January 11, 2009

Birthday At The Park

It was such a beautiful day for a picnic. I enjoyed hanging out with my kids. I kicked off my shoes and chased them around (with my camera of course.) Then our friends met up with us and brought cupcakes! (with trick candles) We ate lunch, fed the ducks and sang Happy Birthday!


Always a big help:)

A Perfect day

My beautiful friend Sarah and kids singing Happy Birthday

Swingin a little too fast for Finley

I couldn't get enough pictures of Farrah and her cupcake beard:)
hmmm...wonder why she was up till midnight partying it up? I'll post my party pictures tomorrow


zeb4missy said...

Such beautiful pictures! Happy Birthday, it sounds like you had a great time!

Loni's World said...

I love the chocolate face!
I love going to that park and taking pics of the ducks.

Sounds like you had a great Birthday.

Hollie said...

happy belated!

looks like it really was the perfect day for a picnic! can't wait to see the other pics!

how's thirty feel? i'll be there in about six months! ahhh!

Bridget said...

no, no, no Hollie I'm not thirty! I'm only 29!!! lets not push it! haha

The Achee Family said...

What a nice day... Only in So Cal can you get a lovely day like that in January. Im hoping for the same for Haidyn's Birthday later this month. Hope you had a wonderful day.

The Tello Family said...

Farrah is so precious!