Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Where's The Books?

What to do? All the books are packed. I couldn't find the boxes that had all the kids school stuff in them. (No, I am not organized) So, backyard field trip it is. We headed to our new back yard to explore and do our school.

First it started with breakfast in bed. (Faith still wasn't feeling good)

Lots of critters....

We talked about how leaves know when to change color?
Why some trees stay green all year and others don't.
Then I had Landen put them in order of how they change.

Our Garden
We talked about our plans for our garden this year. What crops we can plant and how to start a garden.

Our fruit tree's (they need some love)
Then we talked about the parable and the fig tree.

Then we enjoyed hand picked grapes and read the story, The Fox and The Grapes. I had the kids try and jump up and grab the grapes up high and we talked about the moral of the story.

even Farrah was listening either that or bored by the teacher.

It ended up being a nice day of learning. I think I might leave the books packed for a few days.

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Susan said...

wow, bridget! your yard/garden is awesome! i'm sure it will provide years of entertainment for your kids. my balcony and i are jealous.
love, susan