Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wednesday Already

Ack, Wednesday already, where has the week gone. To be honest, it has been spent in a haze of some sort. Packing box after box...

I do want to say thank you to all my fans (haha) for voting for me and my little blog. Even though I didn't win I was honored to even be nominated. Also thank you to Womb at the Innsane for picking me for Marvelous Mommy Monday. I'm telling you this is my week:) (besides all the packing)

The kids on our street are sad to see us go. Our house is know as the party house. We have the trampoline, skate ramps, basketball, swing set and free Capri suns for everyone. (at least my kids think their free the way they hand them out to every kid on the block)
The little boy (7yrs) that lives across the street comes from a broken family. Let's just say he has a bad home life. His parents are always yelling and screaming at each other. We find him sitting on our yard waiting for us to come home. It's really sad. He doesn't have a bike so he rides Austin's all the time. Austin was worried about what he would do when we left. He asked if he could give him his bike. After talking about it he is going to give the little boy his bike when we leave.

Justin and I were proud of him and felt that if he really wanted to he could give him his bike.
So yesterday daddy surprised Austin with a new bike

Daddy came home with one for Landen too...(I guess just because he's so cute)

and Miss Fashion Faith with her new glasses :)

I'm thinking I can give away this ugly couch of mine and maybe daddy will bring me home a new one???


JenCoen said...

Warm my heart. You have amazing children!

Marie Lanathoua said...

I follow your blog, I am a friend-inlaw of Kadi Prescott, you have a beautiful family, I enjoy reading your puts a smile on my face...God Bless!

Marie Lanathoua

Loni's World said...

Tear... (I just shared this and made everyone cry at work including the guys.. lol) He is such a sweetie, not too many kids would do that these days. :) He has a big heart!