Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Guess Who's Cooking?

Not Me!
We finally will have good meals in our house. Thanks to my kids;)
I signed the kids up for cooking class every other Friday. I can't pass up the deals on these classes. They offer such a discount if you take the class during the day while all the other kids are at school.

All recipes prepared at Young Chefs® Academy is a chance to explore many topics of study such as Math, Science, Health, Reading/Language Arts and so much more. Young Chefs Academy has highly credentialed curriculum support who identifies with the staffs teaching benchmarks. Plus the kitchens look like mini professional kitchens. Too cute.

The kids will be learning:
Kitchen safety and food handling;
Examples of food groups & recommended daily serving sizes from each group as recommended using the new food pyramid;
Recipe preparation using proper techniques and procedures;
Recipe nutrition and camping modifications;
Meal Planning - Planning a full meal including nutritional information and grocery lists;
Pricing & estimation of total meal costs;
Optional extension suggestions to meet further requirements.

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JenCoen said...

Too funny! Courtney has been attending classes at Young Chef's Academy here in Scottsdale! She wants to be a chef when she grows up (she is obsessed with the food network). This is a great program!! Love it!!! Great choice!