Thursday, September 4, 2008


I find my self counting 1,2,3,4,5. I am counting heads all day. Even when were at home. If it's quiet in the house I need to know where Landen is (poor guy is usually in timeout) I'll put him there then walk away and do something else and forget he's there.

I need to know where everyone is at all times. I stop and take mental notes throughout the day, ok Faith's in her room, Austin's outside, Landen's in timeout, Farrah's napping and Finley's in her swing. When I can't find Farrah she's usually playing in the toilet or in a corner somewhere in the house with a book. I will call for her and she won't answer. She waits for me to find her. This drives me nuts. I know just adding a baby isn't much but for some reason it threw me off. I know she can't move or walk away but I will forget where I put her sometimes. Did I lay her down or is she in the swing? Just making sure they are all in the car when we leave is a chore. Sounds easy but I actually look back to make sure I have 5 little heads looking back at me.(They often look back at me like I've lost it) Leaving someone in the car is a big fear of mine. I can see how this can happen. Worse comes to worst, I guess I can start taking roll call.


Melissa said...

You have a large brood going several different directions.. girl, I don't know how you keep up!

We're going from 0-(maybe) 2 kids (thru fost/adopt) and a HUGE fear of mine is losing track of one (or both). My Auntie (Kadi P's Gma) told me to tie little bells on them. I laughed when she first said it but then thought, "Hey, that makes sense!"


Paula said...

I loved this post! It brought back lots of memories from my growing up years--we were always counting heads! (And with good reason--I got left at a fast-food place once and no-one noticed for over an hour). One of my mom's favorite stories though from when she had 6 kids under 13 was the time she went upstairs to check on the baby--the baby wasn't there. Then she realized there was no baby yet (she was 9 months pregnant) :-)

Sarah said...

Ha ha ha!!! I totally do the same thing! (and I have one fewer than you!)

And that's just at HOME!

I'm a WRECK at the park, or anywhere they can freely roam!

Twisted Cinderella said...

Don't worry, you will get used to keeping track of your little ones.