Thursday, September 11, 2008

Turning The Other Cheek

I guess it doesn't matter where your kids go to school, there will always be bullies. Yesterday, Austin got punched in the face pretty hard. Hard enough to make his mouth and nose bleed. We were at our first homeschool park day of the year. All the kids were playing and the mom's were busy signing up for all the field trips and classes. I was filling out forms when Austin came running up to me. He buried his face into my chest trying not to cry and whispered,"mom, can we go home now?" I didn't know what was going on. I just saw blood and asked what happened. (thinking he fell or something) I didn't see it happen but another mom did. She saw the whole thing and said Austin did nothing to deserve it. She said the other boy just punched him in the face out of no where. Austin wasn't expecting it. Austin and the mom who saw what happened said they were racing and Austin won. The boy was mad over losing and got frustrated. If you know Austin he is a very sensitive boy. Not a fighter at all. In fact he's the kid that is always encouraging other kids. He has a heart to want to do good. Friends and family often call him Pastor Austin. He is such a sweet boy. It broke my heart to see this happen to him. I myself wanted to go up to the kid and ring his little neck a few times. Austin asked if we could just please leave. He didn't want to talk about it or bring any attention to himself so we left. I plan on talking to his mother and letting her know what happened next time I see her. We got in the car and Austin said, "Mom a part of me wanted to hit him back, but I knew the right thing was to walk away and turn the other cheek." I told him I was proud of him and it takes a "real man" to walk away and not hit back. Then he starts to talk about Jesus and how he must feel when he gets hurt and doesn't deserve it. Our whole way home he was talking and being so cute. I may be teaching my kids, but I am learning so much from them too. They don't call him Pastor Austin for nothing.


Laura said...

This brought tears to my eyes! What a precious son you have. Poor baby. :(

Jo Jo said...

Oh my gosh Bridget, I almost started crying for him. I wanted to go beat up that kid myself. I am glad you shared this because if this ever happens to Noah, I hope I will have the strength to react like you did and not march straight over to the little punk and kick him in the shin!!!!

Sarah said...

Seriously, poor buddy.
You must be so proud of the way he handled it, though. Sweet boy.