Thursday, September 4, 2008

Homeschool Memoirs #3

This week's assignment from `Homeschool Memoirs`
This week please post what your planned homeschool routine is.
When you’re done posting your routines please share your prayers for this school year.

Oh, no do we really have to write out our schedule...We haven't started our new school year yet. We start on the 15th of this month. I am still working on my schedule. Here is a rough draft of what we will be doing. I plan to follow what we did last year it seemed to work pretty well. I plan to spend more days at the library and focus a lot on reading and add more life learning too.
I am flexible and like to change it up some days. Sometimes we wake up and head to Starbucks to do school. I can plan all I want but am learning that with 5 kids anything can happen.
This is what we aim for:

5:30-8:00 My time(sleep in, pray, read, shower, get ready, workout, blog whatever I choose this is mommy time)Take a few shots of espresso and pray I make it through the day! LOL

8-9:30 kids wake up, clean room, get dressed (I still set out their clothes the night before just makes it easier) I know their too old for that but as I said, It makes it easier! They know to pick up their rooms and make their beds. Then they do their chore lists. (I have list posted every morning.) Each of them have 3 small chores.(including Landen) Anything from putting in a load of laundry to taking out the trash. I write them up the night before depending on what I need done for that day. (If they are done early they have free time)

I start worship music at around 9:30 This tells them to go get their books and sit down. They start their journal and daily grams. I leave the music on until I'm ready. I find that the music sets a good tone for the start of our day.

9:30ish breakfast and bible

10:00-10:30 Instructions from me (about 15 min per child
Math,and Spelling They have their lists it changes everyday
11:00-12:30 (babies take nap) My father's world includes history and science (changes everyday)
I try to fit Five in a Row with the younger ones and some books or puzzles to keep them busy.
12:00-12:30ish lunch (take Landen to preschool)
Library Violin after 12:00etc
Every other Wed:
Contenders of the Faith 11-1
American Heritage Girls 11-1


5:30-8:00 My time

8:00 Kids get up get dressed pick up rooms make their own breakfast.
8:45 Leave for school
9-11 School
History, math, writing, spanish, ASL etc...
11:00 run errands etc.
12:30 Landen preschool
1:30 Guitar
Football practice


5:30-8:00 My time
8:00 Kids get up get dressed pick up rooms make their own breakfast.
8:45 Leave for school
9:30 Science lab
10:30 Critical thinking
12:00-2:00 finish weekly work

My prayer for this school year is that I will have the patience and strengh to make it through each day. I pray that we will all enjoy each other and my children will grow in the Lord. I also pray they will look back on these days as wonderful times. I also pray I know what I'm doing...yikes! 4th grade math scares me

Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might….
Ecclesiastes 9:10 NIV

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Sherry said...

Thanks for sharing your routine!

Have they done Contenders of the Faith and American Heritage Girls before? If so, how do you/they like it?