Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What My Life Has Come To:

I am now an official member of Costco. I even have my own card!
I have put off joining because I always feel too overwhelmed in big warehouse stores. I like to just go in to a store get my shopping done and leave. I do have to admit yesterday was fun. Everything I like in big bulk. I kept throwing things in the cart. It didn't help that the kids and I were all hungry. We didn't eat dinner yet so everything looked good. We got waffles in 60 count, laundry detergent for 180 loads (that should last me a week) , toilet paper with 32 rolls! This is sad isn't it? My life has come to this, excitement over becoming a Costco member.

Only one problem...How was I going to fit all the goodies and the kids in the car????
Maybe I should of got one of those 15 passenger vans after all!


Brianna said...

haha I love Farrah's face :)

Schultz Family said...

I've never met you, but you're my hero! Ha! Finally, someone else who isn't scared to go shopping with the whole gang! I read your blog frequently and enjoy (and am blessed) by your attitude toward life! You're a great testimony.

Jen said...

I LOVE Costco!! The only bad thing is that everytime you go you spend at least 200 bucks!! They have good stuff during Christmas for the kids too.

Sarah said...

Okay, I was just telling my hubby this morning ... we go through almost an entire bunch of bananas IN ONE MEAL - and one of the four kids doesn't even eat food yet!

Can you imagine the grocery bill in about 7 years?? Yikes!!

What kind of car did you get, by the way?!