Monday, September 15, 2008

9 Years, 5 Kids and 10 Moves Later....

Yep,you guessed it... were moving again!

Justin and I feel like the above picture right now. We are starting to pack and I just look at everything and want to put a box over my head and cry or better yet disappear. Maybe when I come back from wherever I disappeared from everything will be done.All the boxes packed and unpacked.
Poof..nope I'm still here!
This is our 10th move in 9 years. Crazy I know! That counts the 3 times we moved in one year while living in San Diego. As much as I hate moving I am excited about the new house.
We will be living on a beautiful tree lined street at the end of a cul-de-sac. Everyone will have their own rooms except the two baby girls will share a nursery. We will also have a pool and a big yard for the kids to play. It's an old house with a lot of charm. It even has a white picket fence. If you know me I like that cottage style. Makes me feel like I live in the country somewhere:) I pray this is our last move for a long least until the kids are grown.


JenCoen said...

Oh my goodness-gravies girl! Paul thought I was kidding when I told him! hehe Y'all are too funny! (teehee) But I'm happy for ya! Can't wait to see pics!
Where-abouts are you gonna be??

Shannon Hartz said...

Wow, 10 moves!!! I thought we were crazy we're heading into move #6 soon. Your new home sounds absolutly perfect... congrats!

The Tello Family said...

Ahhh I feel ya for sure. I hope it goes smoothly. I am so overwhelmed too! Moving stinks!

Aimie said...

Need help packing?

Brenda said...

That has to be some sort of record, doesn't it?

You must be a professional by now. Girl, write an e-book and make some money!