Sunday, September 21, 2008

Vote for Us! (cause we have nothing better to do) Dottie Awards

Vote for Kadi! Captain of the Cheersquad. She is hilarious! Check her out (Mom of 7!)
Head on over to her site:
(don't forget to mention that I sent you)

and duh... I just realized while I was voting for Kadi that I was nominated for a dottie award :) I'm in last place (I think) but there's still time to vote. So hurry up. Vote for me Homecoming Queen (LOL)

See us stay at home moms with large broads have nothing better to do. Can you tell?

Now, head on over to :

1 comment:

Kadi said...

I nominated you for HQ because you are so amazing :)
Sorry I forgot to tell you about it...
My husband is pretty close to disowning me because of my crazy antics to win.
Do these men not remember how stupid they looked patting each others butts on the football field?
Whatever it takes to win, right?