Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I'm Famous!

Having five children isn't enough to get me my own Discovery Channel special, but is enough to cause me to be famous in the little town I live in.

Today when at the check out line the checker asked where my two other children were. Did she know me? How does she know how many kids I have? How did she know two were missing? I'm sure the fact that the last time we were in the store Landen was making loud monkey noises while Farrah was getting into the cereal box and throwing cereal on the floor had nothing to do with it.

While running errands today, everywhere we went people knew us.
Here's why?
Target: The people at Target know us from the time the kids spilled liquid laundry detergent all over the floor in the checkout line.

The Bank: The bank tellers know me for the time I ran out of gas in the atm drive thru and had a huge line of cars behind us.

The Gym: Let's just put it this way we have our own lost and found.

Starbucks: When I'm trying to order with a car full of crying kids, they just ask the usual Mrs. Ryan to save themselves the headache.

I'll save myself the embarrassment of why Barnes and Nobel and Old Navy know us.
I think it might be time to move, we've worn out our welcome in this town!


Anonymous said...

Your post (this one) has been plagiarized and is posted here:

Brittany said...

I actually just followed your link over from "the crazy" who plagerized your post, and I am so glad I did.

NOT glad that she stole your work, but SO glad I came over!

You are so funny, and well written! :)