Thursday, April 30, 2009

Science Day and Other Stuff...

Monday we attended a day of science. It was put on by high school homeschoolers. The hs students were in charge of different stations. The kids would go to each station and learn about different things being taught by the high school students. Each class lasted about 10-15 minutes. The bell would ring and the kids would go to their next station. It worked out great. The classes lasted long enough to learn but not too long for the kids to get bored. The hs students did a great job and were so good with the kids. Even Landen sat still...but not Farrah!!! I chased her around all day...

getting his gloves on ready to do some dirty work...

look at that face...he is either up to something or can't wait to cut into the frog

p.s. My boys thought it would be fun to save the tounge of the frog...

Austin got to cut into his own frog and was so excited to find a bunch of fly's in the frogs stomach...ewwwww His frog was the only frog to have eggs inside too.

digging through owl barf...
they found rat skulls and other bones in it. gross! We made sure to wash our hands after!

Aut sitting in one of the many classes.

They all learned so much that day! I even picked up some new info in between taking pictures, feeding Finley and chasing Farrah around.

After our busy morning I dropped off the older 3 to spend the night with my Aunt and Uncle. They all spent the night in a hotel and went to Disneyland the next day...can you say spoiled! My sister Brenda went too (just because of how Landen is) I felt more comfortable with her being there. To watch over him and make sure he didn't try to pull anything. Plus being that it was Landen's 1st time to Disneyland (he's been to California Adventure) I was feeling guilty for not being the 1st to take him. I wanted a play by play. So, I made her text me all day with updates and pictures. Also she is the "mean" auntie and won't put up with misbehaving and he listens to her for the most part. My sister Brianna on the other hand is the auntie that gives them cookies for breakfast. Landen was a good boy and they all had a blast!
Here is one of the many pictures she sent me:

If you know me it's hard to let my kids go or stay the night anywhere so this was huge!

This was also spending less than $20 at Target!
(only because my husband was with me!)

*please pretend you don't see the boys fighting in the back round...just look at my sweet baby girls. I was happy to walk out of there without spending the normal $200 and happy that nobody fell out of the cart this time:)

And My little doll turns 9 months today...

And NO our poor little puppy still does not have a name. I like Clover or of the kids Piper and other likes Halo etc...We can't decide??? She will have a name by this weekend if we have to draw a name out of a hat.
Have a great day!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Our Family Style

I got a chance to meet the Clarkson family a couple months ago. I am currently reading Educating the Wholehearted Child by Clay and Sally it!

"We believe in "family style" socialization. We try to make our home and family life as entertaining, enriching and enjoyable as we can. We want our children to become "family dependent" rather than "peer dependent" and to prefer our home to any other place they might go. We work hard and make some social sacrifices to build strong family ties. We have a weekly family night with pizza and activities or a movie; we have a weekly "cooking day"; we have fun "Bible Times" on some weeknights; we go together on special outings and activities, and church activities. We want to do all we can so to win our children' hearts that they will value and prefer home and family."
(Educating the Wholehearted Child - Clay and Sally Clarkson)

I love family time!!! I love that my children love it at home and I pray it stays that way as they get older!


Update on the Call Me Crazy Post
If you haven't read it I'd hop on over and read it so you can see how crazy I am....Then you can understand what I'm talking about here.
After this post some of you have been wondering what my 2nd opinion was.

After changing insurance and finally getting to go see a doctor I trust. The doctor ordered my medical reports from the past 2 c-sections and I went in for a not so fun exam. Long story short...The doctor sat and talked to me for a good hour about how many times Dr. opinions get in the way. He explained my reports. He also told me my uterus is very mobile(whatever that means) but he said that's good. He also said that my uterus feels as if I never carried a baby...(what???) I was told by my previous doctor that my uterus is shot and I have way too much scar tissue to have another c-section. My new doctor also was told that my c-section was about 2 inches lower than where the normal incision should be. This is what caused so much scar tissue. But, because of it being so low it allows the doctor room above for another c-section. As long as I don't mind having 2 scars (who cares)The doctor said it was actually good that they did it that way. He can work around the scar tissue. He sees no reason that I couldn't have more. He said I'm young and healthy enough to have more if I want. So, who knows??? We pray about it. I can't imagine more babies right now, but I just wanted to post this update. I am glad we didn't listen to the "mean" first doctor and went ahead with our 2nd opinion.

How many c-sections have you had? Any one have a similar situation?

Mother's Day Message of Love

Mother's Day is a beautiful holiday, celebrating the blessing of motherhood and honoring all mothers.
Sadly, the weekend prior to Mother's Day are still full business days for abortion clinics. Women enter these clinics as mothers, and leave as mourners.

Every Mother's Day, Survivors and their families are outside local abortion clinics with flowers and special cards for the mothers going into the clinic, encouraging them to keep their babies and providing alternatives to abortion.

Survivors, bring your families - Parents and friends of all ages are very welcome, and especially younger siblings. Young children can contribute by sidewalk chalking in front of the abortion clinic.

You are welcome to make signs showing your love and concern for the mothers and their babies.
*Graphic signs will not be used.

I will be setting up an event in my own hometown. If you would like to join me on the Friday before Mother's Day, May 8 please email me:

and put Mother's Day in the subject line and I will send you more info.

For more information about the event, see Survivors Mother's Day Outreach.
or if you would like to help sponsor an event in your hometown. For details on how to organize a Mother's Day event in your area contact Survivors today!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


As the king of late night comedy Jay Leno is watched and beloved by millions of American viewers, which makes it difficult to understand his support for an organization that seeks to shut down facilities that have as their sole purpose to give a home and guidance to young ladies who find themselves pregnant with nowhere else to go.

Tomorrow, April 29th Jay Leno and his wife are hosting a fundraiser for the Feminist Majority Foundation, a radical pro-abortion group that not only advocates for abortion on demand, but also for the closing of pro-life pregnancy centers.

This month the Feminist Majority Foundation sent an e-mail to its 400 campus affiliates planning a nationwide protest against facilities that dare to offer women alternatives to abortion and the support they need to choose life.

Please let NBC know that is unacceptable and that you will not watch any show that stars Jay Leno until he apologizes to the hundreds of thousands of people who have been helped by pregnancy care centers and the hundreds of thousands of people who staff those centers.

Please contact Jeff Zucker NBC Chief Executive, and ask him why his star, Jay Leno, is raising money for an organization that attacks pregnancy care centers.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Stuck In Traffic

What do you do in traffic?

Sunday, April 26, 2009

For The Kids Or The Mom's???

Our trip to the Upland carnival made me realize I need to get out more. Really my husband couldn't believe how excited I was to go on a carnival ride being operated by a prison parole. I just wanted to scream as loud as I could and wave my hands in the air to relieve all the stress that was built up from the day. After being cooped up in the house all day with the kids and trying to get all our school work and chores done I was ready to let loose. My sister and Aven joined us which made for an even better time. Anything with Brianna (my sis)is always more fun! We quickly handed the strollers off to the big kids and sprinted as fast as we could to get in line for Kettle corn and all the other fatty food carnivals serve. Then we ran in line to spend tons of money on tickets so WE could go on the rides. (oh, and we bought some for the kids too)

Brianna and I squeezed into one cart on the spin ride after finishing our large bag of kettle corn (bad idea!) We sure got our money's worth this ride lasted forever! I think we embarrassed my husband and all the kids with our screams and hand waving. We both were laughing so hard we were crying.

Faith (little miss mommy) I don't know what's with the glove. She says it's her style. I guess she's bringing back the Michael Jackson look?

Mine! Don't mess with my kettle Corn.

Poor children...doing all the work so their mom's can have fun!

Am I tall enough? We should of put Farrah in her princess heels and a big tall bow...might of helped.
I think she's bringing back the gangster look with one pant leg up and one down??? Maybe that's her style?

After the mom's had their fun we thought me might let the kids go on a few rides too...

No, my son can't just ride the ride like a normal kid he has to throw in his own dare devil thrill stunt.
He's gonna give me a heart attack!

Don't you know girls are better drivers! Farrah was not happy as you can tell...

spent money on games that are totally rigged! I think the basketball wouldn't even fit in the rim if you tried. Oh, well they had fun trying.

And Finley was just thinking to mom and auntie are crazzzzzzzy, and can this flower my mom stuck on my head be any bigger?"

This is Aven saying, "yep,I agree Finley they are crazy, especially when they are together, and I'm glad my mom doesn't put those satellites on my head."

Friday, April 24, 2009

High Maintenance!

This is how Farrah spent the day. Faith dressed her up and she kept saying, "I a princess!" as she flipped her extentions off her shoulder.

Earth Day Event

Earth Day is almost as exciting as Christmas in our house. You see I live with two Nature Nerds. National Geographic fanatics. My kids are very "green." They love to recycle. My daughter is known to make "things" out of trash. Lovely! I am not allowed to take long showers because my kids will run in and say things like, "Life is Water, Don't Waste It." I am glad they are this way but gosh, mommy just wants a long hot shower after a long ruff day ya, know!

Soooo, to celebrate Earth day we went to the Inland Empire Utility Agency to learn about water conservation and environmental awareness.

We even planted trees!
How's that for an Earth Day celebration:)
Here's some pictures from our day:

Not the best group shot....

Couldn't keep this guy off the tractors or John Deer equipment. I think he's gonna take after his papa.

Austin captured this mama and her little ducklings...looks like me:)

I was standing down there trying to take a picture when I realize the kids are trying to lift Landen over the top so I could see him...I'm yelling NOOOOOO....not such a smart move. "Hey kids climb to the top so mommy can get a picture." What I will do for good blog photo's for ya'all.

Austin finishing a Q&A sheet up on the water tower...and yes, I climbed up there with baby in arms. (did I mention I am afraid of heights!) so, now do you appreciate this shot too!:)

enjoying God's creation

taking notes

Aut explaining the Water cycle

Austin thumbs down for "evolution" "Mom, this is wrong!"