Saturday, April 11, 2009

My Sister The Easter Bunny

My sister Brianna watched Landen and Farrah for a little bit yesterday so that I could get some stuff done for the party. I gave her cupcake mix, icing and rice crispy bunny treats to make (hint hint) aren't I nice. As if babysitting my "hard ones" wasn't bad enough.
She can work from home,nurse her baby, watch my kids and make goodies for the party all at the same time right? Well she even added in a little homeschooling in too (which Landen is very hard to teach)......She's amazing! Thank you Brianna so much for all your help. She also stayed at my house until midnight helping me clean, bake a cake, make egg decorations and flower arrangements with me. Yes, we were playing around in my garden late at night. Were nerds but have so much fun together.
Did I mention she's the only one willing enough to wear the Easter Bunny costume too...

I think I hear her at the door...she came early to help me set up....I thank God for her!

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Brianna said...

Aww thanks. But thank God Brad wore the costume :)