Friday, April 24, 2009

Earth Day Event

Earth Day is almost as exciting as Christmas in our house. You see I live with two Nature Nerds. National Geographic fanatics. My kids are very "green." They love to recycle. My daughter is known to make "things" out of trash. Lovely! I am not allowed to take long showers because my kids will run in and say things like, "Life is Water, Don't Waste It." I am glad they are this way but gosh, mommy just wants a long hot shower after a long ruff day ya, know!

Soooo, to celebrate Earth day we went to the Inland Empire Utility Agency to learn about water conservation and environmental awareness.

We even planted trees!
How's that for an Earth Day celebration:)
Here's some pictures from our day:

Not the best group shot....

Couldn't keep this guy off the tractors or John Deer equipment. I think he's gonna take after his papa.

Austin captured this mama and her little ducklings...looks like me:)

I was standing down there trying to take a picture when I realize the kids are trying to lift Landen over the top so I could see him...I'm yelling NOOOOOO....not such a smart move. "Hey kids climb to the top so mommy can get a picture." What I will do for good blog photo's for ya'all.

Austin finishing a Q&A sheet up on the water tower...and yes, I climbed up there with baby in arms. (did I mention I am afraid of heights!) so, now do you appreciate this shot too!:)

enjoying God's creation

taking notes

Aut explaining the Water cycle

Austin thumbs down for "evolution" "Mom, this is wrong!"


:corinne: said...

That's fantastic Bridgett. What a great idea to teach your children more about living green.

Loni's World said...

I knew you had something cool planned, I never knew that existed, thanks for sharing looks like it was a nice day. :)