Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Pill....

Working with women care centers and doing some pro-life work has really opened my eyes to a lot of things. I've been really looking into how Planned Parenthood works and I may be just a small stay at home mamma but I'm gonna take them down! ha..
Don't be surprised if you see me on some youtube video with my secret hidden camera...I'm serious..these people are sick!
Did you know they now have a Planned Parenthood Express...yes, "express." How convenient...Also, Planned Parenthood has been sponsoring groups to go out and talk to young girls about the services they offer. The Orange County area group... I've been having my word with them as well:)

Many of this that I'm about to share I did not know, Why? 1. because I never really educated myself on it and doctors told me different....

Q: How does the pill work?
A: The birth control pill and similar birth control products work in a woman's body in one of three ways: It can prevent ovulation and it can obstruct sperm from reaching the egg (prevent fertilization) by thickening the cervical mucus. However, if both of these methods fail and a new human person is created, the pill and other contraceptives can stop a tiny child's implantation in his/her mother's womb because the pill irritates the lining of the uterus so that the tiny baby boy or baby girl cannot attach to the lining of the uterus and the newly formed human person is aborted and dies. This is called a chemical abortion.

Q: How does the pill kill babies?
A: This can happen because the pill and other birth control products can prevent implantation from occurring. When the preborn baby implants in the womb, the baby establishes a connection with the mother so that he or she can receive the sustenance needed to grow. If the preborn baby cannot implant in the mother's womb, he or she will die.

Q: Why aren't we better informed about the fact that the pill can kill babies?
A: In 1965, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) stepped in and issued a medical bulletin that "officially" changed the definition of conception from the union of sperm and egg to implantation: "Conception is the implantation of a fertilized ovum [egg]." Once that happened, it was easy for pill manufacturers and other organizations, such as Planned Parenthood, to cover up how the pill works and only mention that it "prevents pregnancy" when, in fact, women have become pregnant while being on the pill. These organizations do not admit that this product is not 100 percent effective because these organizations' main focus is on making money.

Q: How do you know when life begins?
A: It is a proven, scientific fact that when the human egg and human sperm unite, fertilization occurs and a new human being is created.

Q: Is it OK to take the pill for my acne or other health reasons?
A: Although the pill may have some minor benefits, the fact that it can kill preborn babies and cause harmful side effects for the woman outweighs its minor benefits. Because the pill weakens the immune system, it can cause bacterial infections and can make a woman more susceptible to the AIDS virus. It can also cause the following side effects: pelvic inflammatory disease, infertility, cervical cancer, ectopic pregnancy, shrinking of the womb, breast cancer, blood clots, birth defects in children conceived while their mothers are on the pill, stroke, weight gain and much more.

Q: Isn't it better to be on the pill when you
are sexually active?
A: Better for whom? The pill does not prevent you from getting a sexually transmitted disease, it is not 100 percent effective in preventing pregnancy and you could conceive a child who gets chemically aborted before the baby's presence is even known to you. Moreover, sexual activity outside of marriage is seriously wrong.

Q: I'm for reducing the number of abortions, but isn't using the birth control pill the only way to do that?
A: The birth control pill does not reduce the number of abortions. The only difference is that you are killing the baby earlier. It is estimated that over 70 million chemical abortions have taken place in the United States in the last 10 years alone. If you're single, abstinence is always your best choice. It isn't always easy, but it always works. By abstaining from sex, you eliminate the possibility of pregnancy and catching a sexually transmitted disease. What birth control has done for our society is turn little babies into disposable objects. Pregnancy is no longer seen as a blessing, but a curse.

Q: The Supreme Court has ruled that it's my right to privacy -- who do you think you are to say otherwise?
A: On June 7, 1965, the U.S. Supreme Court handed down the Griswold v. Connecticut decision. The Supreme Court justices first presumed that previous Court decisions dealing with a citizen's right to liberty and security that prohibited invasion of one's home and acquisition of evidence that might later be used to convict him of a crime also addressed privacy within marriage. In fact, the justices argued, "The concept of liberty is not so restricted... it embraces the right of marital privacy though that right is not mentioned explicitly [emphasis added] in the Constitution" and is based on "specific guarantees in the Bill of Rights [which] have penumbras, formed by emanations from those guarantees that help give them life and substance." 5

This confusing language, which has no relationship whatsoever to what the Founding Fathers intended, gave married women permission to use the birth control pill. The Supreme Court literally created the "right to privacy" out of thin air.

We now know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that not only did the Supreme Court literally make up the right that you claim gives you permission to use birth control, but the most popular form of birth control, the pill, can kill innocent preborn children. If there is a chance that human beings are going to be murdered, I am going to do everything in my power to help prevent that from happening. If you knew there was a chance that someone might poison your neighbor, don't you think you would try to notify your neighbor and do as much as you could to help save a life?

Q: Is the pill dangerous to my health?
A: Absolutely! There are links between the birth control pill and breast cancer, cervical cancer, deep vein thrombosis (DVT), infertility, birth defects, blood clots, pelvic inflammatory disease, ectopic pregnancy, shrinking of the womb, stroke, weight gain and much more.

Q: Why does Planned Parenthood say the pill does not cause an abortion?
A: Planned Parenthood and other organizations cover up the reality that the birth control pill can, in fact, kill a preborn baby. They have a vested interest in lying to young women because they exploit them. Planned Parenthood brainwashes young girls by telling them that the pill merely prevents pregnancy, when the fact is that the pill can act after fertilization, which is when pregnancy begins, and kill the preborn baby. Planned Parenthood says that pregnancy does not begin at fertilization, but this is their biggest lie. In 2006, Planned Parenthood received over $345 million in clinic income. Over 55% of its clinic income is from selling birth control. Obviously, they make big money by lying to women.

All the following have the potential to abort the baby and are considered potential abortifaciants.

The Pill

The Mini Pill



The Vaginal Ring


The Patch

The IUD does not prevent ovulation and is an abortifaciant.

There are really no “safe” ones. They don’t always kill the baby because they may prevent ovulation, but why take that chance.

I could go on and on...the history of the pill is an eye opener as well, Read up on Margaret Sanger(as bad as Hitler)
See the following link to an interesting website as well:

I just had to share....
Why is it that people know this and don't tell us??????? hmmmmmm......can you say $$$$$$$$$


Christy said...

I have been blessed to share these same facts with friends over the last few years, since discovering them myself.

It's ironic that you said Margret Sanger is as bad as Hitler, because she actually was a Nazi Sympathizer and idolized him.

Shannon said...

I wish I had known this when I was eighteen. And I agree that abstinence is the best option. I have to say that if I had known some of these facts I would have thought more seriously about the pill and marriage. What I mean is that at eighteen I would have not gotten on the pill so I could get married. Therefore, since I did not want a baby at that point I would not have gotten married. Wow! Think of the mistakes that many could avoid... In all things we should "wait on God's plan for our lives". We "rush" God's plan and in our haste we make decisions we do not understand. The "world" pushes all of it because we have all been falsely educated.

Up until the birth of my first child I had always been a pill advocate. When I realized what I had prevented for NINE years my view changed and I knew I could never go back to taking the pill. How could the world and my parents not tell me what a terrible thing it was!? The answer is a non-Christian world and upbringing. It is IGNORANCE (lack of knowledge) of Christian knowledge that has lead us here.

Simply Blessed said...

This is scary.

Shannon Hartz said...

I had no idea!! I trully thought, and had been told that it prevented ovulation!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but you have to be pretty naive to think that most people wait until marriage to have sex. As a current university student I can tell you that probably about 75% of students, if not more, are sexually active.

I do agree that abortion is wrong but if things like the pill didn't exist, our society would have a major problem.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how biased and one sided your post is! It truly amazes me that a fellow woman can post something like this. You should not be judging other women's choices.
Awful, one sided, preaching and antagonistic.

Bridget said...

I knew writing this would cause some out rage among women. I've gotten it all week with the groups I've been taking to. I'm just saying how can you know something for a FACT and after reading and studying up on the pill not tell people. I hesitated on posting this but what I have found I want my friends to know. Many of us had no idea and think it is safe. Like me I didn't know. I used the patch and the pill without knowing. I think many of us are uneducated. Trust me I am not naive, I know that not only college students are sexually active but jr. high and highschool students have a high pecent. Many of my friends and family are on the pill. These day's who isn't. I don't have a "fix" but how can we really promote the pill knowing this and the history behind it. I think as Christians we need to educate ourselves more. Just saying....
Shannon me too,
I had no idea! I thought that it just prevented ovulation.

Lucky Irish Gal said...

First I think it is cowardly that the two comments that were negative are listed as anonymous.

To address the first naysayer, I think that Bridget knows that a lot of sex is happening out there. If you are mature enough to have sex, then you are mature enough to accept all the consequences. You do not have to use the pill. Use a condom. You are safer from disease and still protecting from pregnancy. You are not being forced to have sex(rape not included). I am sorry but people have free will and are not a bunch of rutting beasts in a field! Use some self control.

The second comment about how can a fellow woman say such things? How can a Mother and child of God NOT speak out? If she shouldn't judge other women's choices you shouldn't judge her opinion. Nothing was antagonistic. She just stated some facts.

Now, I am on the pill. I might be rethinking this. That is my choice. Bridget, you gave me great info and I thank you for it. In the end we might not see eye to eye but it would be for selfish reasons on my part. I will be praying with my Dh about this.

Bridget said...

and coming from a girl who gets pregnant by just looking at her husband this is a hard one!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bridget,
Sorry for the anonymous post, I know it will offend the Lucky Irish Girl, but I'm writing my thoughts so that YOU can read them.

First, I want to tell you that I in no way believe in abortion. Second, I have had a condition since I was 15 where my body produces too much of a certain hormone and it causes me to get migraines or excessively vomit like clockwork each month. The only solution to this problem was going on the pill. And it has worked! Every single day I am thankful for that. It was a serious health issue for me.

I am glad you are willing to share your thoughts with the rest of us. Someday when I get married, I plan to go off the pill. I know that some of my symptoms might come back, but I would rather deal with all the throwing up in the world than abort a baby without ever knowing.

So, thank you once again for sharing your thoughts, your opinions, and your ideas. They might be one-sided, but that is what makes the world turn!!!!! =) KEEP POSTING!!!

Andrea said...

Hmmm....something to ponder. I have not taken the pill for years, but I thought it just prevented ovulation. Well, until I became pregnant with my 5th child while using the "mini-pill". Oooops. My husband and I laugh about how our son beat the odds and is definitely in our life for a reason. Today, he made me laugh, cry, and question my mothering skills.

Loni's World said...

Anonymous people why bother posting if you are too scared to show who you are? If you are that strong in your own opinions, Why aren't you being true to them or yourself? People if you don't like what you are reading... Guess what? CLICK THAT RED BOX (X) and don't read. At least she isnt afraid to stand up for her beliefs.

Once again Bridget this is YOUR BLOG and you write whatever you want! While I may not fully agree with all of your beliefs, that does not keep me from coming to your page. I do not judge people and I am open minded. I respect your beliefs and that is why I continue to read your blog, If I didnt HEAR your side of the story I would be living with a one sided mind.
I love that you anger these people, it just goes to show how one sided they are.

I choose not to comment on the actual issue because I have no right to speak for other people. I believe adults are old enough to make the right choice, I shouldnt have to remind them. I can't control other peoples actions or feelings, That would drive me crazy trying.

Children and Teens on the other hand need all the education they can get. The good and the bad. Girls don't think straight when they are scared and alone. Parents FAIL to inform their kids about sex and all the effects because they are too EMBARASSED to talk about it.
I would rather be embarassed then finding out my child was helpless and alone.

I do agree that people aren't logical anymore, Our world has become materialized we no longer value people we value "THINGS". People have become 2nd in line to some. I was in shock when you shared that some women have talked to you and said they just have abortions just because, even married women. :( WHAT???? I can't believe that.

I agree with you people are in it for the money.

My cousin died 1 week after her wedding and 2 days before her 27th birthday, the pill gave her blood clots in her chest (she had no idea) and they had no time to save her. At the time I was 16 and taking the pill (for my acne) I stopped right away! They can be very dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Dear Loni,
You might not want to generalize about all of us anonymous posters. I am not in any way against Bridget's opinion. I LOVE HER BLOG. Her family is adorable. And she leads an inspiring life.

Don't judge ME just because I don't have a blog myself. Your comment was rude: *****Anonymous people why bother posting if you are too scared to show who you are? If you are that strong in your own opinions, Why aren't you being true to them or yourself?*****

I am not THAT strong in my opinion. I am open-minded. And I decided to comment to show Bridget some support in her effort to educate people with her point of view/what she has recently learned.

Attacking people for not putting their names on something is so lame. I could judge everyone who has a blog because there is information you let the world read that is sometimes unnecessary. But am I judging you?? NO. That is your decision and I happen to LEARN quite a bit by reading certain blogs, like Bridget's.

So, stop generalizing because you don't know me at all.

Sincerely yours,
Anonymous East Coast Reader

Loni's World said...

Sorry Bridget, I wanted to clarify since some people obviously haven’t been reading your site as long as I have been commenting and supporting you. :)

Anonymous East Coast Reader,
I found your response Hilarious!
First of all GET DOWN OFF THE HORSE and take a chill pill, I accept your apology and I will chalk it up as you having a bad day. ;) (read on)

You must be new to her blog, as you do not recognize my comments or style.
I WAS NOT DIRECTING IT TO PEOPLE LIKE YOU, BUT you sure took it to heart though! :) Even insulting me and everything wow, it’s ok I do not get offended by words. :)
I blog and I could care less what people read about me I have nothing to hide and they can feel free to judge no one is perfect and those opinions don't matter to me. Now one can judge me more than myself.

I am here to support her 100% and I ALWAYS have her back, I understand "Some" people are anonymous like you, which I am all for! But the others, going to people's sites and attacking them for what they write is very cowardly. Of course it is easy to say things neg when they "hide" behind the mask. You see this happens often to her because of her strong beliefs and her courage to speak her mind.

Again I was not directing my anonymous comment towards anyone POSITIVE or SUPPORTIVE that is a completely ridiculous. I guess I should have specified ATTN: NEGATIVE ANONYMOUS POSTERS, but I didn’t feel I needed to because most positive anonymous commenters know they would NEVER get scolded for posting.

I hope you take this into consideration before you “internalize” another reader’s comment that was not even meant for you. I hope you get back all the unnecessary energy you spent being angry for nothing. God Bless you and your anger. Prayers to you.

Again Sorry Bridget for Hijacking your comments but I think that East Coast just didn’t understand that I am here to support you, the other positive readers and the ones that publicly express their polite disagreements. :)

Loni :)

East Coast said...

Actually, I had an amazing day yesterday--no anger whatsoever! Thanks for you apology. I was never up on a high horse, so I don't need to come down. And I didn't take any chill pills yesterday, but I might today.

Thanks for clarifying that you meant the negative anonymous posters. It's not fair to be grouped with the people who attack Bridget's opinions. So, that is the only reason I took offense to your comment.

EveryGoodGift said...

Thank you so much for sharing this post. I admire your courage and honesty. I can totally agree with you on every level, no matter who is offended. I have serached scripture time and time agian, trying to find even 1 thing that advocates any type of birth control. I come up empty every time. We have 6 beautiful children. I never planned to have such a large family, and I am sure that MANY people think that I am a HICK, or uneducated. NOT SO! I was on the pill years ago, and God convicted me. I was out on the job one day, when I heard him clearly say "Who is in CONTROL?" I was led into a study on the subject of birth "CONTROL"...I was SHOCKED to find that I had been mislead by my doctor, AND anyone else out there who has this information and HIDES it! Think about it! If you have subbmitted your life unto Christ, and your body is a temple, then, shouldn't the CONTROL be the LORD'S? I know that we are all held accountable for what we know, not what we DON't know. Thank you Bridget! You may have reached that one future mommy of that one that makes a difference in this world....and that is what it is all about! Right?!?!?! PREACH ON SISTER!

ktarbell43 said...

Bridget simply stated facts in her post. The beauty about facts is that they are truth and truth can only be one-sided. Unlike opinions, facts are true statements. If they were false they would not be facts. It is up to each person to decide what to do with the truth: ignore it, deny it, accept it. But the beauty of truth is that your reaction to it does not change it. It is still Truth! Truth cannot be biased; truth is truth---like it or not. I took birth control for ten months before I discovered the truth. Thanks Bridget for speaking truth even though it may not always be popular.

Bridget said...

Can someone please explain:..why is it that Christians or even pastors don't touch on this. We know that abortion is wrong but yet so many young women are encouraged to take the pill. They don't tell anyone the facts about birth control and how bad it really is. I know the Catholic church is against it but why aren't the Christians??? Is it lack of knowledge? I just can't believe how it is so tolerated among the church...

Bridget said...

p.s. Ktarbel,
I so love your wisdom:)
Your right this is not my opinion this is simply FACTS!

Anonymous said...

I am an anonymous commenter as I don't have an account - not because I am trying to hide or be cowardly!
I agree that the argument is completely one sided. The following are the POSITVE EFFECTS of the pill -
Lighter menstruation
Reduction of cramps
Reduction of PMS symptoms
Improvement of acne
Protection against non-cancerous breast growth
Reduction in anemia and ovarian cysts
Less risk of uterine cancer
Less risk of infection of the fallopian tubes (pelvic inflammatory disease), which often leads to infertility
Less risk of ectopic pregnancy Less risk of rheumatoid arthritis

Also it is very important to point out that it is only some pills that can irritate to lining of the womb to prevent implantation - definitely not all of them. Again -a very important fact.

I think it always imperative to offer a balanced argument - to cover all of the facts - not just the ones that you agree with.

For this reason I will not offer my own opinion - just state the other facts that were missed out.


Bridget said...

Molly, thank you I know the positive side effects that the pill has to offer but lighter flows or less PMSing etc...there are a lot more serious side effects (like killing a baby) and yes, sad to say the birth control I mention in the post are abortifaciants! by Fact not my opinion.
Here are some side effects you forgot to mention as well:

Side Effects of the Pill

Cerebral hemorrhage (bleeding into the cranial cavity) 7,8

Cerebral thrombosis (blood clot that drains blood from the brain) 7,8

Melasma, which may persist (skin discoloration; usually dark, irregular patches) 7,8

Migraine 4,7,8

Headache 4,7,8

Dizziness 7,8

Loss of scalp hair 7,8



Retinal thrombosis (blockage of the central retinal vein that carries blood away from the eye) 7,8

Change in corneal curvature (steepening of the cornea) 7,8

Intolerance to contact lenses 7,8

Cataracts 7,8


Thrombophlebitis and venous thrombosis with or without embolism (blood clots in the veins) 4,7,8

Hypertension (high blood pressure) 7,8

Mesenteric thrombosis (blood clot in the major veins that drain blood from the intestine) 7,8

Hemorrhagic eruption (bleeding eruption) 7,8

Arterial thromboembolism (blood clots in the heart) 7,8

Pulmonary embolism (arterial blockage, usually from a blood clot, that cuts off one lung's blood supply) 7,8

Myocardial infarction (heart attack) 7,8

Budd-Chiari Syndrome (closing of the veins that carry deoxygenated blood from the lower half of the body into the heart) 7,8

Hemolytic uremic syndrome (kidney failure and low platelet count in the blood) 7,8


Mental depression 4,7,8

Nervousness 7,8

Whole Body

Changes in libido (usually decreased libido) 4,7,8

Edema (increased fluid and subsequent pressure within an organ) 7,8

Change in weight (increase or decrease) 7,8

Rash (allergic reaction) 7,8

Pre-menstrual syndrome 7,8

Hirsutism (excessive hair growth in places where hair normally is minimal or absent) 7,8

Erythema multiforme (allergic reaction) 7,8

Erythema nodosum (skin inflammation) 7,8

Porphyria (disease that can manifest itself as anything from acute mania, including hallucinations, to constipation and skin rashes) 4,7,8

Bone loss 2

Cancer (breast, uterine and vaginal) 4


Gallbladder disease (bile duct stones) 4,7,8

Hepatic adenomas or benign liver tumors 7,8

Nausea 7,8

Vomiting 7,8

Gastrointestinal symptoms (such as abdominal cramps and bloating) 7,8

Cholestatic jaundice (jaundice caused by thickened bile) 4,7,8

Reduced tolerance to carbohydrates 7,8

Changes in appetite 7,8

Impaired renal function (impaired kidney function) 7,8

Colitis (digestive disease characterized by inflammation of the colon) 7,8

Hemolytic uremic syndrome (kidney failure and low platelet count in the blood) 7,8


Typical use of combined oral contraceptive pills prevents a diagnosed pregnancy in only 90 to 96 percent of women, which means that four to 10 women out of every 100 using the pill for one year will have a diagnosed pregnancy. 4,6,10

The pill's third mechanism is to change the lining of the endometrium (the lining of the womb), which creates a hostile environment for a newly created human being. The tiny baby cannot implant and is spontaneously aborted by the body. 4,5,6,11,12

As quoted in the booklet Does the Birth Control Pill Cause Abortions? by Randy Alcorn, a representative of the Ortho-McNeil pharmaceutical company said, "If you end up with a fertilized egg [new human being], it [the baby boy or girl] won't implant and grow because of the less hospitable endometrium." 1

"It seems unlikely that implantation would be possible in the altered endometrium developed under the influence of most of the suppressants [of ovulation]." 3

Ectopic pregnancy 4

Drugs that are known to interact with the pill to cause an increased likelihood of pregnancy:

Rifampin 7,8

Drugs used for epilepsy, such as barbiturates 7,8

Phenobarbital 7,8 (anticonvulsant; can also be used as anti-anxiety medication)

Topiramate (TOPAMAX® 7,8; prescribed for migraines and, in higher doses, for Chiari patients)

Carbamazepine (Tegretol® 7,8 is one brand; anticonvulsant medication)

Phenytoin (Dilantin® 7,8 is one brand; anti-seizure medication)

Phenylbutazone (Butazolidin® 7,8 is one brand; nonsteroid, anti-inflammatory medication)
Certain drugs used in the treatment of HIV or AIDS 7,8

Certain antibiotics 7,8

St. John's wort 7,8

Impact on Reproductive Organs

Breakthrough bleeding 4,7,8

Spotting 4,7,8

Change in menstrual flow 4,7,8

Amenorrhea (absence of menstrual periods) 7,8

Temporary infertility after discontinuation of treatment 4,7,8

Breast changes: tenderness, enlargement, secretion 7,8

Change in cervical erosion and secretion 7,8

Decrease in lactation when given immediately postpartum 7,8

Vaginal candidiasis (yeast infection) 4,7,8

Cystitis-like syndrome (frequent urination, sometimes with a painful bladder) 7,8

Vaginitis (inflammation of the vaginal area, often associated with irritation, itching or infection) 4,7,8

Increased risk of sexually transmitted diseases 4

Cancer (breast, uterine and vaginal) 4

Endometriosis 4


Researchers have found that caged adult trout exposed to ethynylestradiol, a synthetic estrogen, were half as fertile as fish kept in clean water. The trout were exposed to the estrogen for two months, and then bred with a healthy female. 13

Doug Myers, a wetlands and habitat specialist for the Puget Sound Action Team, said that scientists are "finding the presence of female hormones making the male species less male" in frogs, river otters and fish. 5,13

"Scientists in western Washington found that synthetic estrogen - a common ingredient in oral contraceptives - drastically reduces the fertility of male rainbow trout." 5

After randomly netting 123 trout downstream from a Boulder Creek sewer treatment facility, including 101 female trout, 12 male trout and 10 "intersex" trout (having both male and female traits), scientists in Colorado discovered that "estrogens and other steroid hormones from birth-control pills and patches" caused the fish's genetic alteration. 5


A couple taking the pill: "Hence to use this divine gift [the sexual act] while depriving it [taking contraception], even if only partially, of its meaning and purpose, is equally repugnant to the nature of man and of woman, and is consequently in opposition to the plan of God and His holy will." 9


Depression 7,8

Changes in libido (usually decreased libido) 4,7,8

Ways in which the pill destroys relationships:

It easily opens the door for marital infidelity;

it especially opens the door for temptation to youth;

"a man who grows accustomed to the use of contraceptive methods may forget the reverence due to a woman, and... reduce her to being a mere instrument for the satisfaction of his own desires, no longer considering her as his partner whom he should surround with care and affection."9

Bridget said...

Molly, Sad to say, I don't known of one that doesn't irritate the lining of the womb to prevent implantation. Do you know of one? I'd like to look into it if you do. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Do you honestly not see that you are posting a one-sided argument? To be a fair argument you should be posting both pros & cons.
And as I said in my last post - not all pills act as abortificants. That is a fact.
And please do not belittle PMS etc - for some women this is a major, life altering syndrome.
I shall refrain from commenting on anything further you added as I know that we have very differing faiths/beliefs.
I do not want this to become a discussion on beliefs - I am just trying to balance up the medical facts.


Bridget said...

I can see how the pill may help prevent certain things. I had friend that used it to clear up their acne who weren't having sex, (that's there choice to way the pro's and con's) to risk infertility later, etc... I know it can help with many other symptoms but being sexualy active is when I have a problem and it's used as an abortifaciant. I am just saying if you are Pro-Life how can you be Pro-pill?? Knowing the facts you now know?

ktarbell43 said...

Yes the pill can have some positive effects. Just turn on your tv and you can hear all about them. I am pretty sure that most people already know the positives of taking the pill. But that was not the purpose of Bridget's post (correct me if I'm wrong Bridget). I'm pretty sure she was trying to post on the untold story of the pill. Last time I checked there's no commercials that tell you that you could be killing your unborn child if you take the pill. They do list SOME of the negatives usually at the end of the commercial in hurried downplayed fashion (again, never do they mention the abortion issue). When I read through the lists of both negatives and positives of taking the pill, only one matters. I COULD POSSIBLY BE KILLING MY UNBORN CHILD. I am not willing to take the chance at murdering my child so that I can have a shorter less uncomfortable period or any of the other listed positives.

ktarbell43 said...

Molly, which pills are those? I'd love to know?

Amber Quinn said...

You're ridiculous. So lets all just use the "pull out" method and get knocked up with 12 children. Or better yet let's let all those teen girls who are at least responsible enough to go get the pill at Planned Parenthood get pregnant and be teenage single mothers. It's not abortion. And P.S. evolution is scientifically proven.

ktarbell43 said...

There are consequences to actions. The problem is that people want to have sex with out the inconvenience of children. I think less teenagers would be having sex if it wasn't so easy to selfishly terminate an inconvenient life. Oh and PS evolution is THEORY that has not been proven as fact. If it had been proven as fact it would be called the law of evolution, not the THEORY of evolution. There are many highly educated scientists who disagree with the "facts" of evolution. I challenge you to read "The Case for a Creator." I am currently reading this book, which is an investigation by someone who was an atheist and formally believed in evolution. It examines the facts and is a very interesting read.

Amber said...

Evolution IS a fact, the exact mechanism of evolution is a THEORY. So basically scientist know evolution occured but the manner in which it happened has many theories, such as Darwins theory of natural selection.

Abstinence is best when you aren't married, but is obiviously not what teens are doing, or have ever done. So that argument has no relevance. Furthermore, those who are married should have the right to choose how many kids the want to have or not have via their choice of birth control. End of story.

ktarbell43 said...

Evolution is not a fact. Many of the facts of evolution are based on lies, fallacies, and misconceptions. I don't time nor the desire to go down this road with you, but I challenge you to read the book I suggested. I'd love to hear what you think of it. Oh and I'm not telling anyone that they can't use birth control. That's a personal choice. I choose not to. I just think people have a right to be informed before they make their choice.

Bridget said...

Amber do you have a p.o. box or address I would love to send books, magazines and dvd's...If not an email, I could send you some information? I'm serious you came to the right spot to talk evolution vs. creation. I am a proud pro-life advocate as well as have a passion proving Darwin wrong. (as my son would say ) At least take the challenge of looking at both sides...NOTE: I am very open minded same reason I teach my kids about all religions so they know why we believe what we believe and so they know they are not just Christians because mommy and daddy are...and why we don't believe other religions etc. I teach them the Theory of evolution so they know what it is but study up Creation also. Seriously, I would love to share some of the info I have. If your willing to listen...I'd love to send you them free:)
and on the pill: I was just stating the FACTS and that is all that I wanted to do. Now that you KNOW them it's between you and your maker the one who gives you life and the one who created you and the whole universe to decide what to do.

Amber said...

I would love to look at both sides of the debate (evoluton v. creation), but honestly I don't feel like it should be a debate. There are millions of Christians who have no problem accepting both. I am one of them. We have a big God, is it not possible the evolution of species was a means for creation of man in His image? The book of Genesis is beautiful and poetic, but I don't feel the point was evolution v. creation, but rather the order of kingdoms and various other deep spiritual issues.

And I know you said you were stating facts in your post, and there were some great facts...what kinda upset me was "What birth control has done for our society is turn little babies into disposable objects. Pregnancy is no longer seen as a blessing, but a curse." and other similar comments. I feel like I shouldn't have even commented on it, since it's your blog and you can put whatever you want. I just felt like for the women who DO know all these facts and still choose the pill, you're telling them they're monsters.

Bridget said...

Please know that the purpose of this post was not to make anyone feel bad but simply share what information I have run into. I am fairly new to these facts as well. I am a pro-life advocate but would never scream or yell at women. I believe the love approach is the way to go. I do not hate these women but care for them that is why I do what I do! I Do NOT look at women on the pill as monsters or women who got abortions as monsters. I look at them as victims. Very mislead! I am posting this on MY blog to share with friends. I know this is touchy but if my friend knew this info. I would want her to share it with me. That is all I am doing. Knowing that many women and dear friends of mine are on the pill I just was stating Facts. I have given a lot of my time to studying and learning about abortion as well as evolution....
The choice is yours and it is not my job to judge.
April: Email me your address at if you would like me to send you some info. I would be happy to. God Bless!

Sarah said...

wow. My husband and I do a lot of pre-marital counseling with young couples, and the conversation of birth control always comes up. This is incredibly good and relevant info to share! Yikes.

Shannon said...

So, I was the second one to comment on this post 2 days ago and it has been weighing heavy on my mind. I have been reading all the comments. Anyway, today in an effort to show support and spread this information I decided to link to this post and blog about it. If you feel convicted about this I urge you to do the same. Let's just get the word out for those who NEED to know even if they do not WANT to know. I elaborate on that on my blog, so just go read what I mean... if you want to. So, I hoping some of you will get on board and blog about this and link it back here, so others can read this informative post. (I hope you don't mind, Bridget.)

Bridget said...

Shannon, thank you for your link and idea of spreading the word on this. I know it isn't easy to do what is not popular. I go back and forth on if I should just keep this a blog of pictures of my kids but I felt the need to share this. If I can help someone it's worth it. I also could care less if my followers drop to 0 that is not what I blog for...obviously

Sarah, our marriage counselor suggested the pill to us. I'm sure they had no idea just as we didn't. I think pastors need to not just assume but really check these things out if they are to counsel.

Unknown said...

I found this post and from Shannon's link and I wanted to thank you for writing it. Clearly it took courage and conviction to do so and I think that if you open at least one woman's eyes it should be worth it.

I thank God that I was only on the mini-pill for a few months after my first son was born 11 years ago. I was breastfeeding and couldn't have become pregnant anyway. I'm so grateful because I think that the guilt of having possibly aborted one of my babies would have eaten me alive.

I know that a lot of women take the pill because their dr.s say that it will "control their cycles" or help with PMS. May I suggest to them that they research the herb Vitex (Chasteberry or Chastetree). It balances your hormones naturally without potentially aborting your baby.

SB said...

Bridget, Thank you for posting this. I must tell you that reading this and having prayed about this, my husband and I just decided that I should get off birth control (I use the patch) and to let Him be in control. I wanted to thank you for your insight and your sense of humanity. You are very inspiring to read daily - Twice if we are that lucky. God Bless! SB