Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Do You Share Your Faith Regularly?

I've been a Christian since I was a little girl. I remember talking and praying to him all day long. I was raised to know God. I turned my back on God for some time (mostly was in the compromising stage) (which I am not proud of) Then re-dedicated my life to the Lord about 9 years ago. God is still working in me. I am ashamed to say I never really shared my faith. Afraid of what people or family would think of me. Now that I am "growing up" I find that I am sharing my faith more and more. I am ashamed to say that I sometimes get embarrassed. Sometimes when I sense that the person I'm talking to is NOT a Christian,I hold back... which is horrible!!! I am trying to find a balance. I don't mean to preach to people and throw scripture down their throat but I often wonder if WE as Christians really believe the bible and believe God is coming back soon then why aren't we yelling it from the roof tops??? Why are we so relaxed when we know those we love are going to hell??? Why aren't we doing what ever we can to share with them in love.
I always said I'll just keep having babies so my family will keep having to come to church dedications if that's the only way they will attend church. haha!

Talking about Jesus should just be natural for us. It should be part of our every day life. Like talking about my kids or my husband.

I think the one thing that I am learning is that my relationship with Christ should be a constant communication with HIM. Not just scheduled prayers like bedtime etc, devotional time or church on Sundays. It is in the car, the shower... I try to "call" HIM first with exciting news instead of rushing to call Justin,my sisters, my mom or whoever I can get a hold of. We should have a relationship with him like we do our close family and friends. How we talk about HIM to others should be the same as we talk to others about our kids husband etc. If I am living "in HIM and HE in me" sharing my faith regularly becomes the very act of living. I can not live a day without sharing Christ if HE is truly living in me and I am living in HIS will. Right????

Christ can not live within me if I am not loving others. Christian, non-Christian, whatever race, religion, whether someone is a friend or not. I have to love them all as Christ loves them. It really doesn't matter how I see them or how I feel that I have been wronged by them.. I need to choose to see them as Christ sees them. A child of God, created in HIS image... forgiven, like me, for whatever sins. I have to separate myself from the role of judging and take on the role of loving unconditionally, in ALL circumstances....

This is hard!
I think sometimes us Christians are just too busy...
What about you? Do you regularly share your faith? Or are you embarrassed or hold back like me? Or are you just a "Christian on Sunday?"
What's a blog if you can't post about stuff that's on your mind.....

P.S. Just finished The Case for Easter by Lee Strobel
Awesome read!
Interesting to read medical evidence!

I am addicted to just as much as I'm addicted to lately. It's like utube but Christian-like.

Check out this video. Satan definitely has some creative ways to get into our lives.


Christy said...

It's truly amazing you wrote this! It's a subject that's been all over my heart. Between sharing with nonbelievers as well as gently showing fellow followers when they're walking off the path and I don't know about anyone else, but that's something that is so very hard for me to do. To not want to hurt them, yet knowing they love our Lord and risking them being angry at you for showing them. I recently was placed in that position and it's been very disheartening to see the reaction. But I prayed and truly felt GOD leading me, so I just have to accept that the results are in his will.

Thanks for sharing.

God Bless

Christy said...

Oh I forgot to add, I hope you don't mind I'm using the same video in my lastest entry as well.

God Bless

Brianna said...

Good post. Although you don't need to use that as a reason why you keep having more kids :)

Bridget said...

hey whatever gets you to go to church lol!

Ice Queen said...

Awesome video! Thank you once again for sharing. I look forward to coming home after my "busy" day and sitting down to reflect on what you have to share. God Bless you!

Too Many Kids In The Bathtub said...

WOW, thanks for sharing!!!!

debbie said...

It is awesome to see the Lord working in your heart and life. He is to be glorified in our lives above all else. It is true that the cares of this life can choke out the desire to share Christ with a dying world. Jesus said to let our light shine before men, to go into all the world to share the good news. I pray we all begin to share the good news with those right in front of us, the ones He puts in our paths daily. We need to ask Him to fill us with His Spirit to be able to proclaim the good news and share of His soon return. God Bless you, I love you, Mom

Simply Blessed said...

I have my moments of both. I shout it from the roof tops among fellow believers and strangers. But I lack in this area when it comes to my husbands family. Which is awful. I need to share with them, even though their views aren't the same, maybe someday they will wake up. His parents only ever go to church for our kids dedications too. How sad ;(

Twisted Cinderella said...

I just wanted to let you know that I finally made the announcement on my blog.

kristina16marie said...

Hey Bridget,
You should think & pray about joining The Call ministry at CCCH. Brian & I were involved in it for years until we moved to Texas. My dad is still very involved and helps teach some of the levels. It teaches you how to effectively share your faith or defend your faith if the need arises. It's a great thing to learn so if you ever have an opportunity drop in your lap, you know how to handle it.

Just something to pray about...

ladymagnolia said...

Hi Bridget,

My name is Donna & I am new to your journal. I was visiting Christy's journal; and she mentioned that we should stop by and visit your wonderful journal. I'm so glad I did :-).

What a powerful word you shared in your post. I am so very guilty of not witnessing to others. I am guilty of so many things you spoke of. Thank God for his forgiveness on His children. Sometimes I feel I am taking 1 step forward and then 3 steps back. It was an encouragement reading Christy's and your journals.

I too am shy about sharing Jesus with others. The one that haunts me the most is not sharing Jesus with my Dad. I wanted too and kept trying to get the courage to add it into our conversation. But I lost my chance. My dad at age 49 died of a massive heart attack. It's been 15 yrs now but my heart is still so heavy wondering "what if."
This does motivate me at sharing more with my other family members. yet strangers not so much yet.

Your point really hit home when you said that we should be shouting from the roof tops about Jesus! And I am asking myself as well, why aren't we???

You have given me much to think about and look at ways I can be a better daughter for our LORD and saviour.

The video was amazing and stunning wow! But what really got me was the word "B-ing U-nder S-atan's T-humb. Wow.

I also wanted to say Happy Easter from our home to yours.


ladymagnolia said...

Hi Bridget,

Donna again. I added you to my friends list. I hope that's okay with you.