Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Homeschoolers Praying For Stellan!

It's so true what Melissa said
Bloggers (and nonbloggers) may not always see eye to eye but one thing is for sure.. everyone is pulling and praying for MckMama, Stellan and their family and friends.

My kids wanted to show Stellan we are praying for him. They wanted to join in on Stellan's name gallery

Homeschoolers in California are praying for you Stellan!

Austin made the banner and it's hard to see in this picture but it say's: Praying for Stellan.


Shannon Hartz said...

Oh, we've been praying and praying for this little guy

janenes said...

So proud that my son was there to be in this photo. . .considering we've kept Stellan in prayer for months. It means so much. . .

Simply Blessed said...

So sweet. We have been praying like crazy too.