Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Special Day

On Sunday Austin who we call "Aut" turned....

He said he was a little nervous to turn 10 ha! He also asked me if I could buy him some Axe deodorant...this is when I cried!

My baby wants deodorant! We went on a little date and I bought him all his smelly good stuff. I never saw a kid so excited over deodorant!

After church we went to pizza with the family.
All the grandparents,great grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins joined us!

stinky even let me hold him!

Cousins Cylis...(don't I have the cutest nephews!)

After singing "Happy Birthday" Aut asked if he could cut his cake.
1st it's deodorant, now cutting the cake.....slow down!

Aut also has been wanting to get baptised. Our church just happened to hold their all church baptism on his 10th birthday. How special! It's a day he will never forget!

Justin and I have also been wanting to get baptised too! It was a very special day for all of us!

Faith didn't want to step foot in the ocean and I don't blame her! Maybe next year she will be ready to be baptised. She also didn't want to mess up her hair. (I knew she wasn't ready haha!) She was an awesome photographer though!

It was very hot at the beach as you can tell by looking at these two sweaty partners in crime! I pray someday they will choose to get baptised too....(because God's knows these two need it) HA!
And this little one too....I pray she will soon want to make a public stand for God. We dedicate our kids to the Lord when they are babies, but let them make up their mind to be baptised when they are ready and understand what they are doing.

Nana and Great Grandma and Grandpa Roth came too.

Then we all went to Joe's Crab Shack for dinner....

It's not everyday you get to pick where you want to go for dinner!

and it's not every day you get embarrassed!

at the restaurant they turned the lights down and the music up....

and this party girl went crazy!

dancing and showing off her snaggle tooth...


Megs said...

What a special time for Justin, you and Austin! It is an awesome thing that at age 10 Austin truly knows and loves Jesus! Congratulations on your baptism!
Love ya!
P.S. You guys are of course always welcome up here anytime:) We would love for you to come visit us!

Simply Blessed said...

What an amazing birthday and baptism! SO awesome!

Shannon said...

I think it is so important to take these steps in each person own time. You are wise to realize that. When I first began going to church It was at least a year before I "walked the aisle" to make a public profession of faith. I had done it in my heart when I made the decision to attend church. Anyway, so I waited a couple years to "walk down" and then, I waited another year (guessing) to follow in baptism. I just needed to understand it before I did each part. It is kind of an instant thing to know in your heart you want to follow Jesus; however, telling and demonstating it to the world is a little scarier, I think. ... my thoughts.... What a FABULOUS blessing for your family. Also, my oldest has obviously made that decision in her heart, but it afraid to be dunked under. We are not pushing her to be baptized... what's in the heart is what matters. Such a joy to know how she feels and see her grow one step at a time. I think it will be more real for them, if we wait on their hearts to make those decisions. Thanks for sharing such an intimate family moment with us all!

pete wilson said...

What a cool memory. Love the baptism pics.