Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Many Perks!

Homeschooling has its ups and downs like any other project or lifestyle that we adopt, but after having homeshooled for awhile now, I have found that the benefits far outweigh the negatives. In fact, there are many perks that make me a happier mama!

Just the fact that I don't have to rush out every morning to get the kids to school on time is a major perk! ha!
Another huge perk for us is the fact that my kids can spend a lot of time with their Great-grandparents.
We often go to breakfast at the Greats house. We bring some of our work and spend a couple hours there. Grandpa sings hymns and prays with the kids. It's memories my kids wouldn't have if we didn't choose this lifestyle.

plus my Grandpa is a math wiz (big perk)

Monday,we celebrated Grandparents Day by inviting them over for breakfast at our house this time. Grandma (my mom) was able to make it too before she had to go to work:) The kids enjoyed serving their Grandparents breakfast. We had the table set up and "played restaurant."

Another perk is I am not just teaching my children.
I am instilling a love of learning and a thirst for knowledge.
My kids LOVE school!

This week Austin is begging me to write a report on Helicopters. Faith, has completed 5 book reports because she LOVES to read. (on things that interest her) I like to go with what they are showing interest in and rent books and print unit studies up on those things. I also encourage them to do a lot of research on their own.

With the largest wildfires in Southern California history going on, the kids and I have been praying for the firefighters every morning during our bible time.
After making a Starbucks run (another perk) we went to watch the firefighting helicopters fill up on fire retardant.(and you guessed it the kids did research on it)

another perk my 10yr old gets to spend a lot of time with his 4yr old brother. They are so close yet so far in age.

and he's learning right along side him.

photography by Austin...another perk!

As you can see, homeschooling is indescribable and exhilarating because there really are not a lot of rules to get in the way. Instead,I can try and be creative and personalize my children's education. (Which I am having a lot of fun with) Sure, there are going to be times when my children need to learn things that I don't know but since they love learning and know how to find information I will not have to pound the information into their heads. They will go discover the information for themselves because they want to know it.
Just being home with my kids all day everyday in this short season of life really is the best perk of all!
What are some of your perks?


debbie said...

Thanks again for the wonderful breakfast served by my precious grandchildren. Talk about a perk! It was a great way to start any day. Keep up the good work. You will reap eternal benefits as well as earthly perks.

Julie said...

My first five kids are all older, in fact we have 7 grand-kids but our newest son is only 4 months and I have been thinking of home schooling him. I wish I had home schooled all of them. I just wonder if home schooling an only child would shelter him too much.

Hollie said...

you've really got my head churning about this homeschool stuff. really. never thought i would even consider it, but who knows? at least i've got three more years to pray about it and decide.
love when you share about homeschool, especially the specifics.

ha! i was thinking about it so much i just typed in 'homeschool' as my google account username while signing in to leave this comment! hahaaa! i'm losing it!

Scrapingirl said...

I love not having to say "hurry" or "rush" in the morning. I love having cuddle time, in my bed, when they wake up. I can't imagine them being gone all day long. We did it one year for my son, and it was AWFUL!! Homeschooling is awesome!!!

I am blessed! said...

I love the perks, too! We get to go to Community Bible Study together on Wed. mornings. We get to read more together, eat lunch together, and the kids have recess together. My boys are 7 years apart and I love seeing them play together and with the girls, too. We are so blessed to be able to homeschool our kids!

Too Many Kids In The Bathtub said...

I agree with everything you said! Our children get another aspect of life that I did not have because I was in school!

Amanda said...

Wow... my kids are so jealous of THAT fun outting!!

I love your reasons for homeschooling.. I would have to concurr. :)

God bless-

Laura said...

I'm so glad we decided to homeschool again this year. One of my perks is being able to recognize and take advantage of those "teachable moments" when their eyes light up and they are fixed on every word I'm saying. I love seeing those eyes shine and the light bulbs go on...then hearing their feedback.

Simply Blessed said...

You guys are SO blessed with such great family. You have the best parents and Grandparents. They are all so kind, loving and sweet. Your kids are blessed to be able to have these moments with them :) I love this post. You're such a great Mommy Bridget!

Karla said...

I agree with the perks you mentioned, plus just having that precious one-one-one time with the kids and really getting to know them. I love the flexibility of it, too. I am thankful we can sit down each morning and do our devotions together, without rushing. We use a devotional in which each of us has one geared for our age, and we are all in the same Bible passage.

What a blessing for your kids to have grandparents and great-grandparents that know the Lord!

Loni's World said...

How great of you to have the grandparents day breakfast!

I love all of the stuff you guys get to do. It makes me want kids more and more each day :) And then I want to stay home with them until they are 30 LOL.

You are truly blessed.

Celia Jimenez said...

What a blessing...for your kids, grandkids and for you! Love reading your blog...thanks for letting us peek into your lives and sharing all your creative ideas. I think this is how the modern-day church works as a body of Christ...through the blogsphere! :-) Encouraging and inspiring and exhorting each other! Thanks, sister!!

Jessica said...

Great post! The biggest homeschool perk for us is seeing my husband. He is a cop therefore does not get weekends off! We love getting to see him during weekdays!

Emily said...

I am "waiting", just like the song in the background of your blog on the time I pray God will give to me with my boys!!! We FINALLY sold our home and passed our inspection yesterday, so I pray that as we are submitting our lives to God we will find ourselves in a new season I will no longer be a full-time working outside the home Mommy!! Anyone who would be willing to say a prayer on our behalf would be truly appreciated! Thank you so much for reminding us of what truly DOES matter in this life!

Aleta said...

I LOVE sleeping in!! LOL! Seriously though, I love learning right along with them - and the fact that I can teach them about the Bible and God, which they normally wouldn't get in school.

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Nicholle said...

That is amazing that you can do that. I know your children will cherish that forever. I know what you mean about getting out the door. It's a pain, especially when your daughter wants to walk up the steep hills just to get to school. You are so blessed!

Bianca said...

AHHHHHH! I love the wholistic approach to homeschooling you adhere to. My mother was the same way and I've grown to LOVE education.

Keep on going!!!

janenes said...

I wish I had more years to contemplate. . .I enjoy teaching 3 hours a day in the public school I work, but the homeschool idea keeps lurking in my mind....Love the pics. it looks like you may have been at Bracket Field. My husband and kids ride their bikes their often.