Monday, September 14, 2009


While packing today and sorting out things to take to the Goodwill I came up with an idea.
First, it was lets go do a trash the dress kids style photo shoot in the backyard ha!
Although that would of been fun, I thought maybe I would give some of you a chance to win these dresses.
Both only worn for a couple hours!
this is sz 3T

This is sz 12month

Then as I kept digging in the attic and finding all sorts of things I have spent a lot of money on...
Stuff that is too good to just give to Goodwill.
I came up with Hand Me Down Mondays!
I know I'm no Gwen Stefani but I still thought it would be fun to do.
I know some of you might not be into hand me downs but those of you who don't mind,(like me) I'll have some cool things to giveaway.
I guess we will see how it goes.
So here is the first HMDM!
I will try and do a Hand Me Down Monday every Monday.
Today's contest will be picked by on Thursday night.
The rules...
You can enter one comment telling me whatever you want or just say Hi!
You can enter two comments if you link to this post on your blog about HMDM and let me know you did.
If you think my idea stinks and it's ghetto then just let me know that too haha!
*bows are not included.
Please leave which sz dress you are wanting either the 12mo or the 3T.
Oh and I can't give ALL the cute girly stuff away because turns out my sister who was having a boy is NOW having a GIRL!!!!!!!!

p.s. I'm thinking I need a blog button for this? Maybe a new design? Help!
email me!


The Zoo Keeper said...

this is a great idea I am gonna have to dig through the boys stuff which I have been putting off because it is such a daunting task and post some up for next weeks Hand me down monday
way to start an awesome trent
I would love to have the 3t dress for my niece whom will be my niece officially next friday as her sister and her are being adopted by my wonderful sister and family
we are so excited it has been a long 2 yrs waiting

Schultz Family said...

First of all, I would love ANY of your 3T hand me downs! ;) And secondly, that song on your blog is sooooo incredible. It's one of my favorites!!!! It makes me tear up every time I hear it! God Bless!

The Gustafson Family said...

Oh I love the clothes your girls where!!! Ali is getting into 3T... :) ...

Bridget if you need help moving...I am HOME!! I can help in anyway!!

Robin and Stephen said...

What a great idea! I love it! I don't think it is ghetto at all. I love getting and passing down clothes! I would love your clothes too, but you are probably too tiny for me! Anyway, I would love to pass the 12month dress on to my niece. Oh I just love this idea, I am going to post about it! Too fun!

Brianna said...

Yeah no more girl give aways. I thought I would have enough boy clothes for my next son but he's a she now. ha

~ Kimberly ~ said...

Either one would be great, your hand me downs are soo cute!
I have two nieces:
a 10 month old
and a 2 and a half year old
they are both big for their ages so if you have any let me know! I would love some!

A.Love said...

What a great idea! How fun :) I just found your blog and it's great!

janenes said...

The 12 month dress my daughter would be able to use sooner. Thanks for sharing!! After giving everything away after baby #2, I LOVE where I've been able to get some really nice baby gear to get us started again. (baby due in Dec.)

The Yardley's said...

Love this idea! My baby girl gets all her sisters handmedowns, then on to Goodwill they go!Your family is adorable, wonderful to see the Lord's Love so strongly through your children!

Aleta said...

Great Idea - my kids trash their clothes - except for the dresses that they only wear a few hours... maybe I should do a trash the dress too! LOL! And I have a 3yo and 6mo that would work with either dress ;)

jamie_hardiman said...

What a great idea!!! I would LOVE the 3T!

Danielle said...

What a great idea! I came to your blog from a friend that linked you for your HMDM. I would love the 3T dress for my little girl. I scrolled through your blog and you have a beautiful family!!


2boymommy said...

the dresses are adorable and so are your girls. too bad i only have boys, but i do have a close friend with a little girl that would be so cute in the 3t dress. i came across your blog through a friend and your family is precious!

Lisa said...

I won't be able to participate because my girls are too old, but I just wanted you to know that this is such a great idea!!! I give a lot to Goodwill too and sometimes I hate to take the better things or things that I am sentimental about.

Cecilia said...

Praying for you and your family! size 3T:)

Susan said...

It's not ghetto! It's actually very hip and "green" of you :O) Reduce, recycle, reuse, right??? I'm always going through our closets and things this way. It should be called "exfoliating" :O)

I'd love that pretty dress for my little Eleanor in the size 3T, please!

Love, Susan

Anonymous said...

Hi Bridget,

Love it, and would love the 12 m dress for my sweet niece Gianna Marie....

Hope all is well....

Call me!


Suzette said...

Oh what a fun way to pass it on! My sis posted on her blog about this and she is always telling me how you have it all together raising five BEAUTIFUL kiddos and so I'm joining in to follow your beautiful fam!

I would love the 12m for my little girl who is 3 months old! Heck, I would love anything you have! If it's good enough for your fam, then I know it's adorable! :)

The Baker Family said...

Hi Bridget!!!

Love the idea:)!

Keeping you in my prayers that you find the right house for your family, long term...God Bless!

and if should be nice enought to pick me..I could do both sizes..Elles is 11months now but is bound to grown to a size 3.:)

Shannon Hartz said...


Nicholle said...

Don't know anything about the buttons but this is such a great idea. Maybe after Presley is born I can start. Actually I have Jackson's stuff! I would love either a 3t or 12 months. Congrats on having a niece. How fun, and I am so excited for her :)

Tina Gallaway said...

My friends and I hand down clothes like crazy. I don't even have room in Addisons drawers for all the stuff I am given. I can honestly say I have bought her only10 outfits and she is 6 months, so to continue the tradition (haha) I would love the 12 months for an Easter dress