Monday, September 21, 2009

Hand Me Down Monday

Halloween edition!
Calling all zookeepers! Do you have some wild kids that would make some perfect wild animals this Halloween????
I know I could be selling all this on Ebay and making some extra money. But I thought it would be fun to bless some of my readers. If you would like a costume or costumes for one of your kids or all of your kids (I have a whole zoo I could dress you in) I would love to give it to you!
Leave a comment telling me what costume you would like for which child. If you know someone who would love this theme costume...send them on over. Or if you have 5 little kids yourself and these work for you too, let me know.
Or maybe you just like one of them and your child really wants to be a monkey etc....
After going over the comments I will pick the winners (myself this time) So kiss up in the comment section:)
Gorilla is a kids one sz fits all (I would say sz7-10)
Tiger is a kids small. I would say sz. 6-8
Elephant is a sz small. I would say fits sz 3-5
Monkey I would say fits 2T-3T
and Panda fits 6mo to 12mo

The Zookeepers trying to tame their wild animals to take a family picture!

Happy Monday!!!!
Stay tuned....We have some awesome giveaways planned this week!
Winners for last weeks HMDM by are:
Kimberly for the sz 12
Shannon for the sz 3T
Please email me your addresses so I can get those dresses mailed out to you:)


Loni's World said...

I passed this on to some other blog moms... :)

Shannon said...

Just want to say I think this is great! Don't put me in the drawing because we are all going Renaissance this year. I have a five year old that would soooo try to squeeze herself into that Panda, if she could. Your zoo is so cute and these giveaways are fun to see.

4kidscrazy said...

hey bridget. I would love any hand me downs for the girls so I will be watching for sizes 6,7,8. Great idea :)

Nicholle said...

Your awesome! I don't need any but you have such a kind heart :)

2boymommy said...

boy do i have some wild animals over here! my boys are both pretty crazy and their nanie calls them monkey #1 and monkey #2, so the monkey costume would be perfect for monkey #2. #1 would love the elephant one, especially since we went to the circus a few weeks ago and saw a ton of them. =)

this is such a fun idea!

Emily said...

Oh I would love to be chosen as one lucky winner of a costume.

My son will be 12 months old at Halloween but he is already wearing size 12months and 18 months clothes...I would love to be entered to win the monkey outfit!

Your family picture is so cute!!! I bet you guys have a blast on Halloween taking the kids trick or treating!

Thanks for this cool idea.... LOVE YOUR BLOG!

Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

New around here :). What a beautiful family you have!!

Cecilia said...

I too have a zoo! Two boys and two girls so far. Not sure what #5 is. We would love love a zoo since yours is just so cute! Awesome ideas you have!

embee said...

i would love to be entered to win the monkey or panda outfits... they are the perfect sizes for my boys!! (ironically enough my son is nicknamed monkey... LOL!)

ktarbell43 said...

I would like the monkey costume. Caleb is my little monkey and that costume will fit him next year.