Monday, September 7, 2009


Sometimes I feel like a failure! I know it may not be our fault that we have to move EVERY year but I still feel like a failure!

Move 07
A failure when I have to tell family and friends that they need to change our address again for the 10th time . And hear comments about I'll just use pencil in my phone book this time around. hahaha...(that's just as funny as the joke we hear over and over when we announce another pregnancy "do you know what causes that?" )hahaha....errrrrrr (NOT FUNNY)ha!

Nobody wants to be a failure because in our society that means you are a Loser....

a loser with no place to go and five kids in tow......
Move 08
Nothing could be further from the truth and I know that! I know I am not a failure or a loser. Every time I get knocked down, I choose to keep getting back up on my feet and take a proactive approach to life. I know every failure that happens God let it happen (for a reason)

Move 09

And I know God has a plan.
Some people are so afraid of failure that they refrain from ever attempting something they haven't done before. They are afraid to fail, so they don't even try. Their fear of failure prevents them from engaging in new and different experiences. I looked up failure in the dictionary and it said, failure is a neglect or omission to do something.
The greatest failure is the failure to try.
I have faith and full trust in God.
The Ryan's are going to put a positive spin on this failure in our life. We can turn what seems to be a bad thing into a beneficial opportunity.
Stay tuned...


Robin and Stephen said...

You are too funny! I love the positive spin on moving! At least you have the photos to capture each move, I'm not sure there are many families that have captured these moments! You are a great mom, and someone I look up to!

Rochelle Ax said...


Rochelle Ax said...

um... not laughing at you btw... that's my excited for the "stay tuned" part! :)I'm excited to see what GOds going to do with you! :)

Lauren said...

Love the pictures of the kids in boxes - what a cute idea!

And...for what it's worth, when people ask us, "Don't you know how that happens?" when we share that we're pregnant, we like to wink and say, "Don't you?" :)

Christy said...

AMEN! :) And you know what's so awesome is GOD absolutely has a plan to see you and your family prosper and has so many great things in store for your family! You know, one thing I learned from my mom is to ALWAYS write everyone's address in pencil!

We simply never know what GOD has in store for us, whether we move yearly or haven't moved in 15 years!!

Scrapingirl said...

God has a plan for everyone. And it may not be what we want, but he's the master planner. So, we just have to roll, or move with it.
I love the box pictures. Very creative.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bridget,

It wasn't your failure that put you in this postion, you and I trusted people that we should not of, it is their failure. I know how you feel EXACTLY...cuz we promised our kids.....

Love ya, it will get better!


Tressa said...

Hello! Not sure if Ive ever posted before. I sure do love your blog! Im a homeschooling momma of four! Lots of crazy fun!

You know, I have to wonder, what God has in store for your children. It appears to me that they really know and understand that a house does not make a home. They have a sense of security- not in four walls, but in the Lord, and in family.

I think God is gonna use your children in amazing ways through these experiences.

My children have been to India and Europe and back- they have experiences the majority of their peers will never have. It sort of broadens their perspectives on life. Forever changed in amazing ways!

I will continue to be praying for your sweet family!!

SHALOM said...

I've moved 24 times in my life, and I recently posted about my last move which was this summer.

We had a great guest teacher (Pat Ayub) at our church. She's moved 25 times.One of her houses was beautiful but she had to move because the person wanted it back to sell it because she fixed it up so cute. I wish you could here the message. Everyone was in tears. Try
go to recent messages, and click on women's events. The message was called, "Coming Home". I gaurantee you will be SO blessed.

Sus said...

Oh Bridget, I'm sorry. If you don't mind me asking, why do you all have to move so much?

The pictures from the wedding are so cute! Great job!
God Bless,

Bridget said...

Thank you everyone!
thank you! that was so sweet of you and it really touched me to read that!
I will listen to that tonight when kids are in bed! thank you!!!!

the last 3 houses we rented all foreclosed on us. All owners were rent skimming!
We had no idea!
The other moves we bought and sold our house and moved away etc.

Heather said...

This is something I needed to hear today. Not mainly about failure, but to hear again that God has a reason for EVERYTHING! He puts struggles in our lives and bad things we don't understand, to only realize later that there is something better on the other side.

Today has been a rough day for me, and reading this made my night a little better. Thank you =)