Monday, September 21, 2009

The Hungry Baby! GIVEAWAY!!!!

Are you a nursing mom or know someone who is? My baby is almost 14 months and she's still nursing...I've never nursed this long. All my babies stopped on their own at about 9 months. Not Finley!!!
As you know I am always on the go and yes, I nurse on the go too....When you have a demanding hungry baby you gotta do what you gotta do.....but in style of course:)
I love my Hungry Baby nursing covers! In fact I have about 8 different styles:)

That's me hiding under that big hat...
feeding my hungry baby who's hiding under my very stylish nursing cover made by
The Hungry Baby

Jen author of House of Krause is the owner of The Hungry Baby.

This is her adorable family!
She is a dear friend of mine.
She is a mother of three. The baby in the family is Luke.(adorable little boy with big blue eyes and curly blond hair) He is almost 3 yrs old now and has childhood Apraxia of speech. Her blog is dedicated to reach others who are affected with Apraxia also. She is an amazing mom and I am even more amazed as I follow her on HER JOURNEY with her son Luke!

Being that Luke is almost 3 years old he will lose all his services through his regional center, including his one on one speech therapy, his play therapist and his occupational therapist. His therapy sessions have helped Luke so much in the past year and a half.
The therapy sessions are very expensive and the Krause family wasn't able to keep him in his sessions.
When another sweet family (who I am proud to know) had been planning to take a Disney cruise this summer, and after a serious family meeting they all decided they would cancel their trip and use the money to pay for another six months of speech therapy for Luke!

Jen is so grateful but feels terrible that 3 very special little girls won't be able to board that ship. There is a reason children grow up to be givers. There is a reason children grow up to have compassion in their hearts. It’s something that is learned. Jen prays God will bless this family a hundred folds. This family has such big hearts!
All money earned from The Hungry Baby will go to the Krause Family to help with Luke.
You can visit them on Ebay. The are also carried in boutiques. If you live in the area you can visit:
Claremont Village Treasures.Mention my blog and get them at a discount price! (money will go to Krause family)
Very cute boutique by the way!!!!!!
These covers also make great gifts!
Jen is sponsoring a giveaway for all Don't Blink friends!
All you have to do is visit her Ebay store and let me know if you have a hungry baby boy or a hungry baby girl. We will be giving away 2 Hungry Baby covers! (picked by this Friday!)
My personal fav is the "Lady Yang." You can use it for either boy or girl. I get so many compliments on it.
For this giveaway we will give the adorable Kool Whip for your hungry boy and the Chocolate Kisses for your hungry girl.
Happy nursing that Hungry Baby of yours:)


Susan said...

I have a cover that I love, but it's high time I acquired another one.

My favorite is probably the pink tatoo cover, but I also adore the asian flare one (my daughter has a skirt with white poms on it that matches it perfectly!).

I have a hungry baby GIRL :O)

Great giveaway, Bridget, and what a lovely story and cause, too.

Jacquelin said...

What a great story and a great cause. I love the "Lady Yang" print too, so cute! I have a brand new Hungry Baby Girl, my 5th girl! Thanks for the chance to win.

janenes said...

I have a brand new baby girl arriving early Dec. I'd love a nursing cover! If I don't win, I live close enough to Claremont, I can visit myself--I know how important those sessions can be--the Regional Center helped us with our son's speech needs too: )

audrey said...

What a great cause and such a generous family to give up their vacation! My baby is no longer nursing, but my sister-in-law is due in November with a sweet baby girl and I think this would be a great gift to give. Thanks for the chance to win. I will be bookmarking her site for when I get pregnant with our next baby!

Nicholle said...

Great Cause!
I have a hungry baby girl :)

Michelle Bradley said...

These are so cute! I need a new nursing cover for the new baby.

i will have a hungry baby girl!

Simply Blessed said...

SO weird. I was up this morning going over everything in my head preparing for Austyn. This is the ONE thing that I need! If I don't win one for my hungry baby girl. I'm going to buy one. They are SO cute and what an amazing feeling to know your money goes to someone who needs it.

Christine said...

Hi! I have a hungry baby boy. He is a Landen too!


kristina16marie said...

I'm having a hungry baby GIRL!
Such a great cause!

Jennifer said...

I have a little one on the way (due February 27) and I would love to have a cover-up. They didn't have anything like this when I had my daughter 4 years ago and I need something stylish!

K_Dot said...

I have 2 very hungry baby boys - and we are working hard on getting the nursing thing down :o)

Courtney said...

I have a best friend(aka your sis haha) that will be having a very hungry baby girl soon that would love one!!!!!!!!!!

Christy said...

I will have to get one of these, eventually when GOD blesses us again (I pray) we'll have another one that I can use this with (my 2 yr old still nurses, but I only nurse her at home now). What a wonderful and selfless family!

:corinne: said...

Fun giveaway Bridgett. Love her stuff. Well I have 2 hungry girls and one hungry boy!!!
Sooooo please pick me, pick me!!!

Shannon Hartz said...

I've been using the same cover for all four of my babies. Now with a new hungry baby boy, I'd love to get a new one - my current one has been used and abused. She has super cute designs. Thanks for the chance:)

Robin and Stephen said...

I love the "Lady Yang" print! So cute! I love the pom poms! My sis has a girl, but I would take either! Who knows I might be having a little one soon! =)

Autumn said...

I have a hungry baby boy, Silas, due in October! He's our first baby and a nursing cover is one of the items I still need. I love the Kool Whip design!

ktarbell43 said...

I like the cool whip. Caleb is the first. I know they'll be more.

Kate said...

What a great story and wonderful cause! Thanks for hosting this!

Now I also have an almost 14-month hungry baby. (Boy, though...) I pray that God blesses us with another hungry baby, though, in the future! :)

These are sooo cute! I love the pom-poms on them!

Suzette said...

Oh my goodness I want one of these.. They are just adorable! I have my 3 month old daughter & I LOVE nursing, but being covered fashionably is a must!!! :) Love this giveaway!