Friday, September 25, 2009

Just A Few Announcements........

This week the 40 days for life fall campaign started! Today marks the 3rd day and already 22 babies saved!!! If you are not involved yet, you can find a city near you. I was able to be at the kickoff in Montclair.

We had some heavy duty art crimes happen at the Ryan house this week. This graffiti art is done by Landen(surprise)with the help of his gangster sister Farrah.

But Mom, it's my friend Mr. Light switch his eyes open and close.

The picture of Mr. Light switch man wasn't intended for the blog it was taken with my phone to send to daddy at work...I was hoping he could come home and whip some booties!!!!

My baby sis....

is getting married!
Last weekend was her bridal shower. I thought I would steal some pictures from my sisters blog to put up on mine.
I'm the bad sister...that didn't take any pictures or help with the shower:(
Thanks to my sister Brianna, mom and grandma for taking over. This move is killing me! ugh!

We finally got a 4 generation picture! I've been wanting to take one with all the girls and my mom and grandma. We might have to try again soon...only 3 of us knew where the camera was ha!

We should be all moved out by this weekend!
I might be MIA....but will update when I can.
But I can't leave without announcing the winners......
For the Hungry Baby giveaway....
Michelle Bradley won the girl cover
KDot won the boy cover!
For the Cutie Pa TuTu giveaway the winner is...
Laura at 3times a mom.
And for the HMDM Congrats 2inblue!
Please email your address so I can get those out to you.
Thank you Jen and Nicholle for sponsoring such fun giveaways!
Thank you everyone for visiting. I have met so many nice people through my blog. People that have made this move less stressful too. From getting pizza delivered as a surprise dinner from a family all the way in Texas to all the boxes we needed delivered to my house! Thank you so much! Have a great weekend everyone!


Julie said...

Wow that artwork is amazing! My friend posted a similar piece on her face book last week done by her four year old Picasso! :) Hers was done using a Sharpie as the medium. I did some Googleing and found a site that said the white type of toothpaste will remove permanent marker from walls. I haven't heard back from her if it worked or if her walls are now just minty fresh!

I am blessed! said...

I love the 4 generation picture! We've done this more than once and need to do it again (I keep having girls)!

Kate @ Bliss and That said...

Oh, my, Mr. Light Switch Man!!! That's a new one! Very creative kids you have... ;)

Blessings on your move... We are putting our house on the market this week, and it's already a lot of work!! I pray your move goes smoothly.

Enjoy your weekend!

Megs said...

Praying for you friend...I know moving is a BIG deal! I pray your family gets moved in and settled quickly:)
Love ya!

blessedmomto7 said...

Mr. lightswitch man looks like familiar art I've seen at my house :)

Heather said...

Haha...Mr. Lightswitch man is clever! I think you should leave him there when you move...he's special =) Hehe! Good luck with moving the last of things! I'll be keeping you in my prayers!

Anonymous said...

I agree with heather Lightswitch man should stay....

Godd luck with everything this week, if you need anything you knwo where to reach me!