Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mom Someones At The Door For You!

this post has been set as a draft post for about a month and I finally decided to publish it
after reading Mckmama's post. I wasn't ready to publish mine because I had so much more I wanted to say. But she wrote an awesome post and I couldn't of said it better myself. Her post today on Truth was one of the best posts I've ever read!
I look out the peep hole

Me:Shhhhhhhhh! pretend we aren't home!Everyone hide!
Me:Because I don't have time to talk.
Kids:But mom it's a chance to share God's word.
Me:ugh,your right!

My kids are right and so this started a month long of meetings. My husband and I met with some nice young boys and had some long conversations.(God is so good)
You see our family and friends comes from many different religions. I grew up a Christian but how did I know my Mom was right? So, I looked into many religions and studied what they believed. My kids and I do the same together. I want them to know that they are a Christian not because Mommy and Daddy are but because they believe it for themselves and can tell you why they believe what they believe. I also think it's important for them to know what other religions believe. How can you share if you haven't looked into it yourself?
Some of our family and friends don't claim to belong to any religion, but still believe there's a God out there. We even have some friends and family who are Atheist.
So, who's right?
Whose God is the real one?
Are we all climbing the same mountain on different trails to reach the same single peak where we will all see the same God?
Are we all going to make it to heaven as long as we're climbing up the mountain living pretty good lives?
Many people I have shared with, their beliefs seem so valid, especially when they seem so sincere. I have talked to many people and so called" Christians" but the minute I start talking about the God of the Bible, they refuse to accept my "narrow" definition of who God is and what He expects out of humankind. There is a big difference in believing in God and believing God. Simply because you believe in a God doesn't mean that you are going to do what He says. The Bible says that even the demons believe in God and they certainly don't do what God says. On the other hand when you believe God, you believe what He says and you take His words to heart.
When Jesus, who is God in human form, said, "no one can come to the Father except through me" John 14:6
He meant it!
There isn't another way to gain God's favor and secure your eternal destiny with God except through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
People want to believe in God, but they don't want to believe Him. They don't want to do what He says.
I try to remember when someone calls my beliefs "narrow" that God said there aren't many ways to God, there's only one!

Head on over to Mckmama's post for today, she's amazing!!!!
Amen Mckmama!

And next time someone knocks on your door......don't hide! Always be ready!


~Jenna's Baggs said...

amen sister!

Joyce said...

This was a great post....I too loved McMama's truth post.

Have a great day!

Pam said...

Yeah, but who says the God of the Bible is in fact the true God? I don't believe the New Testament is true so therefore I don't believe Christ is God in human form. How do you know I'm wrong? You might BELIEVE I'm wrong, but how do you KNOW?

Aimie said...

Wow Bridget, now I feel guilty for hiding from them myself. Maybe I should write something down and exchange info for info with them next time they knock. Great post!

Debbie said...

This was a REALLY good post as was McMamas's...Good for both of you for having the courage and the foritutde to write every single word. Who knows what the Lord might be able to do through the internet? We serve an amazing and mighty God and I for one am grateful for posts like yours and people like you who write them. Blessings to you and your sweet family, Debbie

Anonymous said...

PAM, the bible SAYS the God of the bible is the true God and the ONLY GOD, haven't you read it or truely looked into it. If you don't believe in the new testament then you can not be truely saved by God who is Jesus. I know your wrong because of reading the BIBLE! Again, have you truely read it?

debbie said...

Pam, It is with respect and the love of Christ that I would share this with you. Do you believe in the Old Testament? You only mentioned not believing in the New. The Old Testament speaks on every page of God sending a Savior into the world, and Jesus is that Savior. We who believe that Jesus is God in human form, the Great I AM of the Old Testament are not trying to prove anyone wrong. It is only our responsibility to share the truth in love to those we know have everything to lose by not believing in Him. If for the sake of your question and we do happen to be wrong, then we have nothing to lose. You on the other hand would have your very eternal destiny at stake. Jesus made radical life changing claims. There is not enough space to write down on this site all the claims made by Jesus nor all the amazing ways in which He has proven to be the One and Only God of the Bible. If you would, as He said search the scriptures to see if these things be true and ask Him to reveal Himself to you in a very real way, I promise you will find Him to be more than you could ever imagine. We just don't want to see anyone perish. It would be eaiser if we just said nothing and kept the Good News to ourselves, sparing the ridicule or persecution that comes from sharing Christ, but we cannot. The love of Christ and the price He paid to save souls motivates us, or rather compells us to speak. I pray that you ask Him to reveal Himself to you and that you come to know the greatest love you will ever know and gain an eternity to spend in Heaven with Him. He said NO ONE comes to the Father but through Him. I am sorry but that is what God says. He is never wrong. He loves you even if you don't believe in Him and so do we.

Pam said...


Seriously, that's your answer -- that the Bible says the Bible is true??!? That must be the most ridiculous argument I've ever heard. That's like saying "well, I'm right because I say I'm right". You do realize that the Koran says the Koran is the truth as well, don't you? So by your argument, the Koran must be true as well. After all, it says it is.

Debbie- what you're saying is that your beliefs have more value than others'. You have the right to believe Christ is your Savior. I respect that. But don't impose that on to me, please. My religious beliefs have JUST as much value as yours in my life and the way I live.

debbie said...

You did not address my question to you about what you believe only about what you don't believe. Why do you feel so threatened by Jesus? Jesus is the way the truth, and the life and none will enter Heaven by any other means. I am sorry I did not make that statement. God Himself did. I cannot and do not try to force my beliefs on anyone. Again, I say search the scripyures for in them you will find truth. Time and space here on this blog will not permit me to share all the proof there is for Jesus being God. I can only pray you someday realize it before it is too late. I have nothing to lose, you have everything to lose. Check out the website you really want the truth then search for it. It will give you lots of information. Why am I ridiculous for what I believe? Is it because I don't believe whatever it is you believe in? No use in being upset about it. I can respect you and you should respect me. I cannot apoligize for believing in Jesus as God or the Bible as absolute truth. The good news is that one day soon the Lord will make it clear to all, no matter what they choose to believe, He gets the last word on the subject.

Danielle said...

Ha! I am glad I am not the only one that shushs the kids when someone comes to the door. This was a great post. Thanks for sharing! I am happy I came by your blog and plan on following. I love your openess and honesty.

Anonymous said...

I'll pray for you PAM

Pam said...

Debbie- I'm Jewish, though not particularly religious. Jesus is not my Messiah. I am not threatened by Jesus, nor do I believe that "God said Jesus is the way to truth." Why? Because GOD DIDN'T SAY IT, the New Testament does. And those are 2 very different things in my eyes.

I do not believe our modern Bible is the word of God. It is full of contradictions, has been translated thousands of times from Aramaic to Greek to Latin to European languages to English. Not only is it impossible that the Bible you read today reflects the exact words that the original, Aramaic form took, it is ignorant to believe so. Don't forget, the writers of the New Testament (men, not God) took 4 gospels of many & rearranged/rewrote them into a book in order to unite & build a brand new religion.

My idea of God expands beyond a book. And my biggest problem with people who insist that the Bible is the word of God is this: you use those words to separate yourself. You use those words to deny science. To deny women's rights. To deny human rights. To hold back progress and rational thought. But worst of all, you use those words to hold yourself above all other religions & above all over beliefs. And that, I believe, is the opposite of God.