Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Women Need Love Not Abortion....

Yesterday I stood outside the abortion clinic chamber on what marked the 14th day of the 40 days for Life campaign. (99 babies saved so far! Thank you Jesus!) It was also known as what the abortion industry callously calls "Abortion Provider Appreciation Day." I couldn't help but hold back tears behind my sunglasses as I watched the parking lot fill up with young girls and soccer mom's. I can't believe how cheaply human life is held. The doctor abortionist arrived around 7am surrounded by security. He does not drive himself but has a driver. They have several security guards working over time during the 40 days of Life campaign. I nicely would offer girls brochures as they walked in but was told to mind my own business many times. My heart breaks for them. I watched as the armored blood money truck pulled up to the back of the building. As they drove past us with their stone faces I thought "what a job." As it drove away I prayed for them. I prayed for the nurses as they walked to their cars on there lunch breaks. I made eye contact with one as I was holding Finley and smiled at her. I can't imagine what goes through their heads. How do these people (abortionist and everyone involved) sleep at night. I was up reading Sunday night just to refresh on things before I went out and minister to these women. I couldn't sleep. I prayed that conviction come over the abortionist either that or he catch the flu and have bad diarrhea and be unable to work.
I want to thank you for your prayers. 5 babies have been saved and 3 turn arounds (girls taking another day to think about it) that we know of from the Riverside Planned Parenthood I was at.

Keep praying get out there and take a stand at the 40 days for live no matter where you live there is more than 130 communities in the US, Canada, Australia and Northern Ireland that are hosting the 40 days for Life events through April 5th. Even just and hour of your time to show support. You can bring the kids. It is kid friendly. We do not yell we simply minister in love and pass out brochures. My kids even held signs (no descriptive signs or pictures of abortion.) The Riverside vigil coordinator took pictures and sent them to me last night. Also please continue to keep me in prayer as I was asked to possibly be the 40days of Life coordinator for Montclair for this fall.
Those that live in the area please join us this Sunday, March 15, from 2pm to 3pm. We will be having a Life Chain event for our rally and it will take place on Arlington Avenue, in front of Planned Parenthood in Riverside. We would love to have hundreds of people come out for this rally and line the entire block around Planned Parenthood. Please save this date and time and come out and join us!

Please take a minute and watch this short clip below showing Planned Parenthood covering up a felony (again). And this very likely happens every day in abortion mills throughout the country.
this video

Yesterday also marked the day President Obama has given the ok to destroy human life in the name of scientific research.

Embryonic stem cell research is immoral and ineffective. It is immoral because it destroys human life at its earliest stage of development by harvesting the stem cells for body parts. It is ineffective because it has yet to be used a single time in any therapeutic application.

Researchers must get their funding from taxpayers for embryonic stem cell research because they can't convince private sources to invest. Private investors know there are no proven uses for embryonic stem cells. It's all hype, hope and theory.

But adult stem cell research, on the other hand, is ethically benign and is already being used to treat over 70 diseases and conditions. If taxpayer dollars are going to be spent on stem cell research, that's where it ought to go.

By reversing funding restrictions on embryonic stem cell research, Pres. Obama is making every American taxpayer complicit in immoral, life destroying research. This is a terrible example of political ideology trumping sound science.

Science has proven that when an egg is fertilized your entire dna code is created. A SOUL is created! Your eye color, hair color, personality type, everything about you was decided at that very moment. People argue the fact that the ES cell could never mature therefore it is not abortion. We know that the embryo can not mature outside the womb. This is why I know it's not right to create babies to be used for scientific research. Then cover it up with well they won't survive anyway. ES stem cell can only be obtained by cutting open a 5 day embryo and removing HIS or HER stem cells from HIS or HER interior. This kills the little embryomic baby.

Please continue to pray. Pray that killing of the unborn can be made not only unlawful but for most people unthinkable! I pray to end abortion and embryo destructive research.

Now get out there and take a stand!


Simply Blessed said...

I admire you for taking a public stand and not waivering. It's such a great thing, and you are setting a great example for your kids. I think it is just so sad for these young highschool girls. They don't even know the decision they're making. And the married couples who just don't want 'more' kids. That just makes me SICK.

Ice Queen said...

WELL SAID! Back in the day when Operation Rescue was under the leadership of Terry Randall, Sandford and I spent many hours blocking clinics, laying down in front of cars in driveways, etc. People were "on fire". Once Terry Randall got sent to jail on trumpted up charges, people got scared and stopped standing up for what is right! This nation is so ripe for judgement by God and it scares me. Keep up the fight! I'll be praying for you!

Cassidy said...

my eyes are filled with tears. what a great way to serve. joining with you in prayerfor the salvation of more precious babies.

Michelle Bradley said...

I just watched the video and even hearing that lady explain how they are going to do the abortion brought me to tears. I just dont get how people can be so selfish. I think it is awesome that you are going to the clinics and giving these girls support. I am sure there are alot of woman who are walking into there just hoping that someone would just talk to them and make them feel like there is hope.

sassytimes said...

Great post! I admire you for getting out there and taking a stand AND teaching your children about it as well. I feel so sorry for the young girls that went through with that decision at that clinic. They probably have no idea what they are doing.

Heather said...

The mere word "abortion" makes me sick to my stomach. How killing an unborn child is an everyday occurance is beyond me. How can people justify killing their child? It just makes me so sad to think of all those poor babies being slaughtered :( Ugh it makes me ill. Thank you for taking the time to reach out to these woman in hopes that they will change their mind and save their babies from murder.

GrannyGrump said...

Submitted for your appreciation: some abortion providers and their accomplishments!

Christy said...

I'm praying for you and praying that Saturday you have such an amount of people you are overwhelmed (in a wonderful way).

It's so disheartening and sickening what the President has done, in oking the killing of innocent lives.

Anonymous said...

Have you stopped to think of the good that can come from the research? Being that not all scientists are in it for the glory of human cloning and the "evil" that goes along with the negative portayel. You have several children yourself, do you wish for medical research to advance and possibly save the life of a child or maybe even your child? Cancer is just the tip of the iceberg the illnesses that can be cured by this research will possibly save us or a family member in the future. This is your blog of course but since you seem to like feedback I wanted to give you some food for thought.

Bridget said...

Anonymous, Thank you for your comment. Yes, I love feedback and thank you for taking your time to do so. If you get a chance this pretty much sums up what I believe and why I am not for HES cell research.


Anonymous said...

I admire you for all the work you are doing! My sophomore year of college I found out my roommate had an abortion 3 years earlier. I almost threw up as she described the whole ordeal to me in great detail...not to mention she was 11 weeks pregnant. As I watched her continue to live her life recklessly going out drinking, using drugs, and having sex with men she met hours earlier, all I could do was pray for her and know that she needed a friend like me to guide her in the right direction. Needless to say, we are no longer friends. I had to cut someone like this out of my life for my own sanity. I did as much as I could to help her by getting her therapy, etc., but in the end, it was her decision to live her life the way she did and continues to do.

What you are doing is admirable. If you impact one person, then all your time and effort is worth it. You truly are raising your children the way I hope to raise children someday. What an inspiration you are to all women! I bet there are a lot of people out there who are too ashamed to stand up for what they believe in. Reading your blog has made me want to make a difference, so thank you.

Bridget said...

Your right if what I'm doing saves one life it's SO worth it. I have a friend who her whole family was telling her to get an abortion. She was 18. Dad was very hard on her (kicking her out)I was able to share with her my experience and help her financially etc. now her baby is in kindergarden and just the cuttest little boy (with dimples). He just welcomed a new baby sister. The mom and now family have thanked me for saving their son. I'm not bragging but really it's so neat to see a good outcome:) It was not me but the Lord who brought us to be friends at the perfect time:) We now look back and know that.