Friday, March 27, 2009

My Little Birthday Bunny

Farrah's 2nd birthday happens to land on Easter this year. Her birthday won't land on Easter again until 2020. When she's 13...I don't want to think that far.. I can't believe she's already 2!

I love to ask her how old she is going to be. She concentrates so hard at getting those two fingers up,then puckers up her cute lil lips to say twoooo.

I love her so much!

Now, that's one cool 2yr old!


debbie said...

She is soooo cute. I love her so much too. It seems like yesterday she was born. She is becoming her own little person. May the Lord bless her as she grows. Can't wait for the bunny party.

Loni's World said...

OMG! I swear all you are doing is helping me hehe Saul sees her and it makes him want to have kids sooner haha Thanks! lol

She is so adorable! I love the two picture, her cute little fingers haha.

Abbi said...

omg....she is too cute!! i love the pics!!! hope she has a wonderful birthday!

Shannon Hartz said...

Oh soooo Cute ... I LOVE the tutu

Lucky Irish Gal said...

The coolest two year old I have ever seen!

Simply Blessed said...

Awww so cute! She couldn't get any cuter!

Hollie said...

she is sooo adorable! those pics are great! i want to get pics of kate in a tutu, maybe i'll do it for her 2nd bday in June.
how neat that her bday is on Easter this year!

Anonymous said...

Visiting, after reading Rach's
homeschooling response.
That is one cute "bunny girl" !
Simply adore it, & had to let you know !!

Also that laughing baby, on your
blog, out of this world !
The best!!!

God Bless You,
Alyssa's aunt helen

Julie said...

too cute!! Love this little girl. Yes it is beach weather.
Let's plan a beach day. Oh and well be at Farrah's

The Achee Family said...

She makes a very cute bunny, I love the picture of her saying 2. She is getting too big way too fast!!