Wednesday, March 25, 2009

President Fitness Challenge

Today the kids were involved in the Presidential Fitness Challenge

Faith was not happy about running and didn't see the reason to have to do any sort of P.E. She wanted to just hang out with her friends. I told her if she didn't participate I would give her an F. I know mean, but I let her skip out on it last year and so I made her do it this year. She was drama the whole time. When she was done running she told me she couldn't breath and thought she was going to die. I didn't fall for it. I gave her a big hug, handed her water and told her to get on with the other events.
Austin on the other hand came in 2nd place last year so he told me he was going to step it up this year. He is very competitive (like his mama) He got 1st place out of all the 4th grade boys!
He will get a special award at the end of the year.

Holding on for dear life!

Faith taking a rest in between events

Farrah playing in sand, stops for a pose...

little miss innocent

don't fall for that cute little look.... if you only knew

she was picking up sand, trying to hide it then she would throw it at my face.....

I may of had sand in my hair and in my mouth but it made for some cute pictures:)

It was a long hot day for the babies...nap time!

The kids did a great job. I treated them to big juicy cheeseburgers and shakes for lunch. I of course had no problem scarfing down a cheeseburger and sucking down a shake myself.
What a day! I'm beat!

Day 29— 237 babies saved!!!!!!!!


Brianna said...

Not only does Faith look like Aunt Brenda but her love for fitness is the same. haha

Farrah is so funny. She tries to act so sweet and innocent :)

The Achee Family said...

those pictures of Farrah are so cute. I love them!

K_Dot said...

Farrah's innocent little poses are SO cute :o)
Hey, what do you think about your Kolcraft stroller? Do you like it? Would you recommend it?
We checked it out at the store, and were thinking about getting that stroller for the twins - but I would love some advise from someone who has used it.

Loni's World said...

LOL love those photos! Farrah is too much.
Well you can tell Faith is going to be a girly girl for sure haha
Good for you on telling her about the F, now she knows just because Mom is teacher doesnt mean she is a push over :)

Great job Austin! Wow 1st place, but what about next year lol he can't get any higher than 1st. :)
He seems like a really special kid, so much to be proud of (you can take credit he he)