Friday, March 6, 2009

Our San Diego Trip...

Ok, so I took TONS of pictures! But what's new...

On our way down we stopped in Carlsbad (our place of retirement) at least that's what we say anyway. We walked the flower fields, which weren't in full bloom. I would wait till April or May to go next time. The weather was beautiful. The kids played a game where they had to find different flags and stamp their passport each time. Then they went mining for gems. They enjoyed the sweet pea maze. I got lost in it and no one would help me out.
We walked in and the man insisted we hold these flowers for a picture. You can tell my husband looks thrilled. I'm just trying to not drop a baby or a pot of flowers.

While the kids found all the flags Finley just snacked on her shoe.

Everyone likes to ride on daddy's shoulders!

Someones just a little jealous! Finley's first time riding on Daddy's shoulders (she loved it) Farrah wasn't too happy.

We stayed in a beautiful hotel called Pacific Terrace. We got an awesome deal on bizrate. The only problem was the hotel only allowed 3 kids max in a room. So, we did what any honest christian would do....and snuck the other two in the back way. Shame on us, I know. Try making reservations with more than 3 kids anywhere or planning a cruise vacation forget it. They ended up upgraded us to a suite ($400 a night room for just $89!!!) It's nice to travel during the weekdays. We enjoyed the sunset.....

our room

getting some school in...

Dinner at Joe's Crab Shack...
Landen was a little scared of what we were eating.

a rootbeer toast to good times...

big girl in her high chair

Late night swimming...

Surfer girls (we didn't bring our swim suits so daddy bought us surfer girl tanks)

Then we went to Sea World for Homeschool Education day. We met up with some friends from our group (Western Christian) We got to go in early before the park opened to the public. It was such a beautiful day. We all had so much fun!

My buddy even came up out of the water for a picture:)

Smile! (Farrah is scared to death of the Manatees)

Landen was so excited to see Shamu!!!

everyone give mommy a flamingo pose..haha

Soak zone is for the cool kids..(so I'm told)

We stopped off at the Creation Museum. It basically walks you through a timeline. Very informative!!!
Austin was happy to get some information to update his blog:)

We walked through Day 1-7 of God's creation. This is Austin showing us what God did on day 7.

Then we went to visit Old Town for a nice platter of tacos and enchiladas. While there, we went to many museums. (Were museumed out!) We imagined life in early California. Old Town San Diego, the first European settlement in what is now California, is often called the state's birthplace. See we mixed school into all the fun we had:)


Abbi said...

first of all you dress your kids sooooo cute!! (where do you find them all alike???) my mom used to do that with us and i hated it but now i think it's adorable!!
that's soooo funny about the hotel room, we've done it several times!!!!!
looks you guys had a great time!!

Shannon Hartz said...

Looks like you had so much fun:) I ordered that book you mentioned last post (places to go with kids...) I'm so excited about it:)

Bridget said...

Abbi, I use to hate when my mom would dress all of us alike. My mom use to put big bows in our hair too and I hated look at me doing it to my own kids:)

Kristie said...

Hi Bridget,
I hope this isn't too weird, but I have been reading your blog for awhile now (found you through Kadi, found her through Supernanny, etc). I know I don't know you, but I feel like I do! I am amazed at everything you do with your kids; my husband and I don't have any of our own yet, but seeing all the things you do with yours, I just can't wait. We are also teachers and I WISH that I could do all the neat things with my students that you do with yours. But mine don't live with me and I can't really travel with them... :) You are obviously a fun mom and I really enjoy reading your blog. Plus, I also get some school ideas which is a bonus.
Thanks for sharing!

Hollie said...

bridget, you pics turned out great! i felt like i was on the trip with you guys!
love the pic of finley eating her shoe....kate used to do that all the time!
your surfer girl tanks were super cute, too!
you're making me wanna homeschool.

your family is incredibly adorable. thanks for sharing all of these pics!!

Simply Blessed said...

Ok so I have a good homeschool adventure for you. Even though it's kind of self serving :) You can take the kids to Old Town Temecula! It's a cute 8 blocks of historic measure. We go there and look in all the shops and there is alot of history there. They even have an old jail! (It's funny... it's like a 6x6 cell with dummies in it LOL) And THEN... on your way home... you can stop over here in Menifee :) And we can take all of the kids to the splash park (once it's warm of course). Just an idea though! *hint hint* haha and you can invite your brother and his kids to come too since they live so close!

Loni's World said...

YAY Nice weather and fun! Great pics.

The Achee Family said...

Last year we went to the flower fields at the end of March and there were hardly any flowers. This year we are going to go end of april or early may. Looks like you had a ton of fun! Love all the dresses