Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Plan Not A Promise

One of our family motto's is , "It's a plan, not a promise." I never promise my kids I will take them somewhere because I know I can't break a promise and when you have 5kids you never know what will happen. So, when planning a field trip I always say we PLAN to go. That way if we go great, if not no big deal. We can always go another time. Today I had to cancel the field trip. We had some attitude problems and some cranky babies. I just wasn't feelin it. So our regular school day was back in motion. We start every day with bible. We were learning about John the baptist. I always tell the kids if they don't know a word I'm reading about to ask. Which brought us to the word circumcision. Which we all got on the topic of cutting a pee pee. You could imagine the questions my kids had. What a fun topic to explain. Needless to say our bible study got taken way off track. I then assigned some seat work for the older two (in which I was told was SO first grade)
As the kids did work and I tried to catch up on laundry but ran out of soap (darn, I was really sad) so I couldn't finish my past due mountain piles of dirty clothes. My husband doesn't understand why I couldn't just go to the store and get more. Men! Just what I want to do load them all up and go to the store just to get laundry soap so I can come home and do more laundry. I'd rather use the excuse that we ran out of soap and spend my time doing more important stuff like this:
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Landen wasn't too happy to see himself in a dress, but it made for a good laugh!

Speaking of St. Patricks day I have some great ideas to share with you that you can do with your kids. I'll save that for tomorrow. I am off to bed....
I almost forgot...
Today is day 16 of the 40 Days for Life. 109 babies saved!!! I will post updates everyday.
The Riverside team was so excited that I brought the kids despite some onlookers shaking their heads at me for having all the kids out there holding signs. I believe that teaching your children to stand up for what's right is so important. Eyes are watching and learning from you...Get children involved in pro-life too. Here's a clip the Riverside team sent me today. It's a podcast on the topic of instilling pro-life values in
our children.
Make sure you hit play

Pro-Life Clip

Also, I had the chance to meet Jen from the Valentine exchange who found out her 4 month old son is blind. She is such a strong and positive mommy. Saturday we volunteered together at the recording studio for the Blind and Dyslexic. It was a great experience and I look forward to helping out when I can. Go visit her and help with a donation and get a little gift for being so generous. Hurry you have just a few days.

I was also reminded that I never did the curriculum review, I PLAN to work on that this week. Notice I said PLAN haha!
Ok, now I'm off to bed...Good night or should I say Good morning! ERRR this time change!


Courtney said...

Hey, so I was getting a pedicure yesterday and i was reading the march issue of Glamour and they had this huge article in it about.....Abortion! I couldn't read the whole thing because it was making me too upset. I do remember them describing what it is like though. Ugh, sick.

Simply Blessed said...

Do you have anymore weekdays you'll be at the clinic?? I'd love to join you!

janenes said...

Your kids are making a statement. . .helped me decide to take my kids to tomorrow's Pink Friday rally--more cuts to education, effects not only the students I teach, but my own as well!

Kristie's Kin said...

I love that they have no necks..and Finleys food face was just too adorable...great Irish Dancing card! That was too fun to watch!

Jen said...

I like your "plan not a promise". I need to instill that in Landon - he holds me to everything! LOL

PS - Thanks for the link ;)