Sunday, March 8, 2009

Weekend Recap

I can't believe it's Sunday night already!
Let's see Friday night our kids set up a restaurant and served us food and even cleaned everything up. They said it was there way of saying thank you for a fun trip to San Diego. How sweet! We even got a little note from Faith that read:

Dear Mom I (heart) you. I'm very happy that Jesus put me in this family. This is the best family ever seen! Oh I forgot dad. Dad you are the best dad ever seen too. I'm not kitting (kidding) ..(that will be a spelling word next week.) Heart Faith.

check out our cute waitress:

Our menu:

The restaurant: they set the table:)

Saturday morning Faith had her first soccer game. She is on the "Black Widows" I'm sad to say I have no pictures of her first game:( I wasn't able to make her game but daddy video taped some of it for me.
Then it was out of the sweaty jersey and cleats and into a little dress and pearls for her violin recital.

Miss Faith Ann

Proud mommy! All that money, long drives to Diamond Bar every Monday, and hours of loud screechy practicing are paying off. I just love watching her play. She has the lean down and really gets into it when she's playing. It's so cute! Her playing sounded so beautiful.

Proud great grandparents. They brought faith freesia flowers. They smell so good. Faith felt very special.

Faith showing off her picture in the recital program. Her bio said:
Faith is a very busy 7 year old. She is in 2nd grade and enjoys learning at home along side her 2 brothers and 2 sisters. She enjoys the many field trips they attend as a family. Faith's passion is playing the violin. She has been studying under Mrs. Hymel for a little over a year and now and has a special love for classical music and appreciates it more than ever. She enjoys the arts,loves to draw ,make crafts and in her spare time she likes to create new fashions on her own sewing machine. Faith loves to attend church and is an active member of American Heritage Girls. She also plays on a soccer team. Faith loves animals and can't wait to own a dog of her own someday. Faith plans to have 10 children when she grows up and hopes they all play violin too! (I think she sounds like the next Michelle Duggar) I'm surprised she wants so many after watching me go crazy with half that every day. haha!
(That was the bio she turned in but they shortened it to fit the page.)

We ended the night with dinner at Shogun. If you ever want to sit and have a peaceful dinner with kids take them here. Our kids are always entertained or scared to death with the throwing of knifes and fire while they cook. They just sit there quite. We had a nice time.

This weekend basically revolved around Faith. Today she went to The Sally Ride Science Camp. in Pasadena. It was science for girls only! She took many different workshops including her favorite hands on veterinarians. All Hands on workshops were given by local scientists, engineers, chemists, veterinarians, microbiologists, and others. She came home with tons of little experiments she made and was excited to tell all of us of her adventure. Thank you Sarah for taking Faith:)
This is Faith about to leave for science camp. What do you think she looks like an astronaut? Maybe a doctor? Keep playing that violin honey scholarships await you:)


Simply Blessed said...

Okay again... you have the cutest kids. Such a beautiful family. I cannot believe Faith is SO grown up. I can remember her sitting in her highchair as the chubbiest cutest little girl while you did my hair in your kitchen. Where does the time go!? I am glad she had such a special day/ weekend. I think it's important for kids to feel like it's all about them every once in awhile :) You're an awesome Mommy. I hope to do as good of a job as you do!! xoxo

Simply Blessed said...

Ps. I LOVE Finley's little legs. They are SO cute I could just eat them :)

Loni's World said...

Love the dinner LOL too cute! (in a cup or can haha)
Sounds like she is right, busy girl! I see her doing great things.
She'll prob own a business that does everything! LOL

Oh I have been meaning to ask you do you know of a good piano teacher? (for the big kids like me?) I would try the violin but I dont think my dogs would like that too much :) Thanks!