Monday, March 2, 2009

Hold Your Horses....

and check out some of our pictures from Sunday.

We went to the Santa Anita Race track. My parents brought my brother's kids so we had 8 kids under 9. That's one 9 yr old, two 7yr olds, one 3 yr old, two (almost) 2yr olds, one 7 month old (Finley turned 7 months) and one 2 month old! whew...did I miss anyone? Aven, we missed Aven. That would of made all the cousins. Thank God we didn't lose anyone while we were there. I think my mom and I kept counting all day. The kids enjoyed picking who to root for according to name of horse or color of jockey's silks. Justin and Austin bet on two races and lost. This was a good lesson for the kids in why you shouldn't gamble.

Austin was even in charge of pushing a stroller. What a big help he is:)

Some lady came up to us and asked if they were all ours??? We wanted to say yes, just to see her reaction but said no only 5 of them are. haha.

Happy 7 months Finley

She's into blowing spit bubbles and playing with her feet.

And these two just crack me up. Farrah is in love with her cousin Cylis. She chased him around trying to kiss him.

Were packing up our books and heading to San Diego to do school this week. I love to change things up a bit and make school interesting. We will stop off in Carlsbad to visit the flower fields then hang out in San Diego. I pray the weather is good. We will visit Sea World, The Creation Museum and a few other points of interest. Thanks to my book Fun and Educational Places to Go with kids and adults by Susan Peterson. ( A must for the Southern California area.) I have planned out a pretty fun but educational week. I've checked out some books at the library that we will take along with us about the places we are going and made spelling and vocabulary words pertaining to the attractions we are visiting.
I will give out a code on Friday for all Don't Blink Followers to buy Easter dresses for around $20.00. Retail at Nortstroms for around $65. See your not just wasting your time reading my blog your saving money too:)


Stephanie said...

Such cute pics!

We have that same stroller. I love it, although I hate that you can't adjust the height of the foot rests. My 28 months old is almost too tall to be comfortable!

I will for sure be using that coupon code, I googled that company and love their designs!

Brianna said...

Ok so the pictures of Cylis and Farrah look like Brenda and Brad. haha So cute. Farrah is in LOVE. That's gonna be Aven and Finley soon. :)

The Achee Family said...

I am up for a dress! I love how all your girls match, they look so cute! Great pictures too. Those last ones are adorable.

Loni's World said...

omg Whew! That was a trip.
I have been trying to get myself to the track I used to go as a kid and I loved it.

LOL Farrah is too funny. Look are her puckering us and chasing him. :)

Justin and Jenn said...

I love going to horse races! We haven't been yet this season, but I love when we go!

Kristie's Kin said...

I love your new strategy of how to teach kids not to gamble...take them to the races and lose money...great great object lesson...LOL ----My husband and I might borrow that idea! You guys are so adventurous and do so much. Can you throw some of your adventerous side over this way:)

Kristie's Kin said...

Hey, by the way...I finally wrote on my blog again...and it's about your unslumber party...hope you don't mind I used some of your was just too cute not to blog about!

Margaux Achee said...

I used to go to the race tracks with my grandparents when I was a child. I remember it being so much fun. I love the picture of Finley holding her toes and blowing spit bubbles.