Monday, March 30, 2009

Weekend Recap

Spring has sprung! My garden is going crazy and I love it. So many new beautiful flowers blooming. I have roses coming out my ears. That and avocados, oranges,apricots,grapes, rasberries, blueberries and more...The weather has been so nice. I spent some time Friday and Saturday working on the yard. I actually like working on my yard. (I am turning into my mother) But you will not see me picking crab grass anytime soon like she does. Saturday after soccer we enjoyed a bday party. Then I meet up with an old friend of mine that I haven't seen in 8 years. (How does time go by that fast!) It was nice to see her and for her to meet my kids. Sunday I wasn't feeling well and just wanted to relax. The kids wanted to go swimming. It was a nice hot day but the water was freezing! If you remember when you were a kid you don't care how cold the water is! Landen said, "it's cold for adults but not for kids." He's right! Justin went shopping and started the bbq. Our family came over and we enjoyed a nice day together.

Farrah all ready to go to her boyfriends birthday party.

I see some flirting going on...aren't they both cute!

Just had to share these cute pictures Pam was nice enough to take of my kids at the party.

Enjoying some good food...I'm doing the "I hope I have nothing in my teeth smile"

relaxing with my 3 babies after church

If you ask Farrah, "who's your best friend?" she points to Finley and says," baby best friend."

Not a weekend goes by without someone getting hurt.

It's amazing what a kiss from mommy and a Transformers band-aid will do. Suddenly all better!

Just hanging out with the fam!

entertainment provided by Landen

He's got all the right moves!


Some safe stunts...

breaking out the bikini for the first time this year.

being silly with nana P.

Spending some time with my stinky boy:)
I often feel guilty that I don't get to spend much time with my niece and nephews because I'm busy with my own kids. I love seeing them!

These two are getting so big Aven is 9months today and Finn is 8 months today!

These felt great on their teething gums!

until Aven used his teeth to bite into it

Cute little sour face:)

The juiciest oranges...goggles are required!

It's amazing what people will do for free fruit.

My dad climbing the tree.

Great grandpa and My sis

Anyone have some good Avocado recipes?

After all that picking Great grandma made strawberry shortcake for all of us!

I love having my family over.


debbie said...

Thanks for having us over. Nothing is more special than spending time with family. Dad and I really enjoyed it. It was a nice way to spend the Sunday afternoon. I love all the pictures. Thanks for sharing. Love, Mom

Robin and Stephen said...

Looks like you all had a lot of fun! Seeing all of your photos makes me miss my niece and nephews! All of your fruit looks so yummy! While I spent two months in Mexico on a mission trip we found a great burger place that a menonite man owned. He made a sauce to put on your burgers that was so good.
-4 Avocado
-3 spoonfuls of mayonnaise
-1 tsp. salt
-Little bit of water
It should be about the consistency ketchup or mustard!

Emily said...

I found your blog from Rachel "Huse Blog is it Anyways", and have been reading about your wonderful, adorable family and I have to say I love your blog!

Looks like you had a very enjoyable weekend with your family and your children are too cute.. especially the girls in those cute headbands.

I applaud you to for homeschooling.. I am still trying to figure a way out that one day when mine are old enough that I will be able to stay home and home school mine.

Simply Blessed said...

What a fun weekend!!! You are blessed to have a big family that is so close!! The kids are all so stinking cute!!!

Sarah said...

Those pictures are awesome! Looks like a fun day.

I am so jealous that you have fruits like that growing in your back yard.:) It looks beautiful!

Jennifer said...

You have a beautiful family. I just stumbled upon your blog and I just love all the homeschooling boxes that you have on the side. Very cool. I need to find some.

Brianna said...

That was fun! Why didn't you put the picture up of mom we took? haha jk

Huse Yo Mama said...

That's the kind of post that makes my heart ache for family to be close to us. What a great time y'all had!

by the way, thanks for the prayers for my girl parts. I'm thinking maybe you should mail me some of your water!

I don't have your email address, otherwise I'd respond to your comments that way, sorry to do it here. :-)

Megs said...

It is such a blessing to be close to your family! I know there's a lot of fun when the Proffit's get together:) I am so upset I don't live closer to you...I would be pounding on your door for those avacados!:)
Love ya!

Cassidy said...

what a nice weekend. I have some amazing recipes using avacado. I LOVE the flower headbands your girlies wear. Do you make them?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing.....your amazing and truly blessed.


Lucky Irish Gal said...

Avocados. Oh sweet guacamole I see thee in the distance. I'm a Texas girl not born but raised. My stint in the Midwest started six yrs ago. We call it home now but I do miss my great mexican food. Those Avocados bring me some tasty memories!

Abbi said...

love looking at all the pics of your kids!! they are sooo adorable!! love the bows and hat!! too cute!!
looks like a great time!
that cake looks good in the last picture!

Bridget said...

I wish I could take credit for those cute headbands. I get them from

I do make a lot of my girls bows but none as cute as hers:)

Loni's World said...

I love all the photos! Farrah and her date are way too cute :) oh and the orange faces too! ha-ha it was such a nice weekend, glad you got to enjoy it.
Yay for the sunny days, keep 'em coming.

The Achee Family said...

What a fun family day! There is nothing better than getting family together. I am so jealous of all the fruit and OH my goodness! Those avocados! I would die to have an avocado tree! I love just making fresh guacamole with them. SO Good!
Those pictures of Aven and Finley with the oranges are too cute :)