Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Baby #5

I'm in trouble another GIRL! :)
anyone know of a part-time job


Julie said...

Yaaa!! Another Girl!! I'm so excited fo you guys!!

Phil & Sarah said...

Ahhhh! As our ultrasound tech said (when I made it clear I was looking for the boy in my recent ultrasound), "Baby girls hold a family together." Very sweet and wonderful ... congratulations!! :)

4kidscrazy said...

congrats we are sooo happy for you guys. hope to see you soon, beth

Susan said...

congratulations on your fifth little one to come. we are a bit behind you still (number three - a girl this time!) arrives at the end of april. what a blessing it is to be able to have and be home with our children. i'll be praying for you :O)
so, what kind of car will you be driving next?
love, susan (deane - a.k.a. cline)