Saturday, February 16, 2008

Too Much Junk Food

Valentine's Day filled my children's bellies with way too much junk and candy. After eating cupcakes, rice crispy treats, and chocolate dipped everything, I told the kids NO MORE! After dinner, Justin caught Austin eating a chocolate heart from the candy dish. So as a punishment he told him he could not have anymore snacks or candy and to throw away all the candy he had recieved from his friends away.
On Friday the kids go to school and this Friday they were having Valentine's parties in their class. I forgot all about the punishment for Austin and brought candy and goodies to his class. When I came to pick him up his teacher informed me on what a well behaved young man I have. She continued to tell me he did not eat any goodies while all the other children ate theirs because he told her he was grounded. She said he didn't even pout he just simply said, "Sorry I'm not allowed!"
Justin and I were so happy he minded us even though we would of never known.
On the other hand....
My lovely Landen we are still working on. I told him no cupcake till after he eats lunch and the next thing I knew the cupcakes looked like this:

So I hunted him down to find him in his room playing with his cars. I looked at him in the eyes and asked him if he ate any cupcakes. He looked at me with the chocolate all over his mouth and simply said, "No Mommy"

I have learned no matter how cute the little candy dish and the cupcake platter looks on the table it's just too tempting for the little guy.

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