Saturday, February 16, 2008

I gave in!

Austin and Faith have been wanting their own blog for awhile now. I finally gave in! Since they are taking a typing course, I figure it will be good for them to practice their typing.
I posted their blog address.


Carolee said...

I found your blog in a round about way. Anyway, I went to Chino High too, my maiden name is McCook.

I think you have a beautiful family. I admire your choice to have a large family. Families are the most precious thing on earth. We only have 2 right now but are definately not done.

Laura said...

Hi Bridget
I'm very seriously considering homeschooling next year as my oldest is due to start kinder in Sept. I wanted to know what homeschool group you belong to and if they require any particular church memebership. If you get a chance my email is Thanks!!

Kadi said...

Write on! (sorry for the corny joke!)

Aimie said...

I love it Bridget! What a creative way to express themselves! Austin's is so him! Michael Jr loved it & the girls & I love how cute Faith looks on hers. You are such a good mom. Hope I can be that good one day!