Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Good Deal

I have found that you can get good deals on private lessons if you are willing to take them during regular school hours. Which works out great for us. We are usually done with school by noon everyday. I found a great violin teacher who teaches private lessons in her home studio. She has offered homeschool students such a great price that I have decided to introduce Faith to violin. Then when I found out she offered an even greater discount for siblings I made Austin take it too. Violin was not something I saw myself signing my son up for, but why not? I can see it now, star quarterback, Austin Ryan also is a concert violinist in his spare time. LOL I myself don't know anything about music to teach my children, so I think having them in some kind of music makes for a well rounded student. Their first lesson was yesterday. They both LOVED it! In 45 min of teaching I was suprised at what they learned. It is money well spent! I have not rented or bought them violins yet but the teacher has them practicing with cookie boxes and pencils for now. They will be having their first concert at the end of the year at Mt.San Antonio College.
If anyone is interested in lessons with Violinist Margy Hymel you can contact her. www.hymeldav@prodigy.net
She is a member of the Pasadena Symphony Orchestra and has her masters in music.

Practice,practice, practice

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zeb4missy said...

Violin is great!! Zoe and Toby are in piano, I thought it would be good for Toby to learn focus and concentration, and it has been working great so far, and Zoe truly loves it!! We can start our own symphony, maybe Landen can get into percussion, lol!