Thursday, January 31, 2008

Rat Dissection Class

Today the kids had a biology class. They discussed rats and dissected rats. I was happy to see Faith roll up her sleeves and get dirty too. I snuck in at the end of class to snap some pictures. WARNING: Do not go into a biology class when pregnant! Normally I have a tuff stomach but the smells made me about lose it! After class was over the teacher said the kids are welcome to take the rat home if they want....No Thank you! I was the only (mean) mom that wouldn't let the kids take the rat home.
Here are some pictures, and yes, the kids skinned it and all GROSS!
I would of rather taken an "F" than do what they did in class...but don't tell my kids I said that:)

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Phil & Sarah said...

gross. I remember dissecting a rat in COLLEGE ... I didn't eat chicken for months. Bless you.