Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sad News

I just saw on the News (Good Morning America) there was ANOTHER school shooting that took place at the Northern Illinois Campus,where 7 (including shooter) are dead and at least 15 people are injured.What even shocked me more is hearing that this is the 4th United States school shooting this WEEK!!!

I feel tremendoulsy sorry for the families in this time,and I am praying for all the best for them.Upon hearing this,this morning I was once again grateful that I chose to homeschool my children. What in the world is going on today in America when a child can not go to school for an education.A place where they should be safe not walking into terror and fear.

People look down on homeschooling saying we are shielding our children too much,that we are not giving them a chance to be on their own out in the "Real World.".Well you know what..THANK GOD I AM SHIELDING MY KIDS and as for the "Real World," look at what the real world is doing!!!..

I pray for those families who have lost their family members in this time and I really hope that these back to back shootings really opens up peoples eyes to the dangers going on,in places that still seems to be deeming as "safe!"

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