Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Halfway Done

Not only am I half way through my pregnancy but believe it or not this school year is half over! Sat testing is just two weeks away we will see from the results if I am doing a good job or not. Yikes! We may be having alot of fun but I question myself daily am I doing enough? I had a friend come over last night who is a teacher for 6th grade public school. She is very smart and comes from a family of teachers. I had her look over what I have been doing with the kids and we talked about ideas and ways of going about different subjects. It was alot of help and I have some good ideas up my sleeve for the second half of the year thanks to her :)

The kids have grown so much and to see them excited about learning is what makes all this work worth it to me. Today, I was reading from their history book and stopped half way through the chapter and said, "We will find out what happens to Daniel Boones daughter tomorrow." They were so focused on what I was reading that I actually had them begging me " ahhhhhhhhhhhhh come on mom keep reading. "
As for what we have been working on:
We just finished our unit on birds and decorated a bird tree in the front yard for the birds to feed on. We will be starting our unit on insects next week. We have finished 14 states and will continue building our state books.
We have many exciting field trips planned. Including over night camp outs! Let's just hope no one gets sick this time around.


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:corinne: said... exciting...a baby almost year almost finished. Time flies doesn't it?? Don't blink girlfriend *wink*!
Hey can you email me with your addy? (just go to my blog...I think you can email me that way) I'm gonna send you something in the mail.*wink, wink* thanks girlie! Take Care!