Friday, February 8, 2008

Field Trips for Everyday

I seem to always be in learning mode since I started home schooling my children. I am always quizzing the kids in the car or trying to make everything in our day be a learning moment. When at the gas station this week I asked Austin if he wanted to learn how to pump gas (ok I'm lazy and hate pumping gas) but also because I thought it would be good for him to learn. I made Faith read the directions and warnings out loud. It was simply pumping gas but it also was a learning experience for both of them. (And next time I need gas I can sit in the car and sip my latte while my kids pump my gas ;) ) Also at the bank I've taught the kids how to fill out the deposit slip and talk with the teller. (Yes, we are an annoying home school family) but the kids love feeling grown-up. I found a trip to the grocery store is a learning lab! (without Landen that is) I like to take the older two with me. I can teach them about unit pricing. Have them choose the best buy. Show them how to weigh and calculate the cost of vegetables and fruit. Discuss the components of a healthy meal.
Life is a classroom. Whatever's planned for our day (If my energy allows) I can include teachable moments. We can have fun learning together in life!


Jo Jo said...

You are such a good mommy. I want to do this with my kids too. Your kids are going to be so smart and responsible. I love it!

JenCoen said...

Something fun for ya...
TaGG---> You're It! Go to my blog for details! :)