Saturday, February 16, 2008

Father Daughter Tea

Our homeschooling group held a father daughter tea party today at one of the families houses in our group. (What a beautiful house) I didn't go so I sent Justin with the camera and was happy to see that he took alot of cute pictures of him and Faith together at the party. Ok, I threatened him and told he better take pictures. They said it was alot of fun. (Even Justin!) They made a frame and took a professional picture. Had a little devotion, ate lots of food and just had a good time together.

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Jo Jo said...

This makes me so excited to have a little girl! It's funny that I can't picture Ricky doing a father daughter tea right now, but I know that once he sees her little face, he will do anything for her! Yay, for father daughter stuff! By the way that house is beautiful and good job Justin on taking pictures!