Saturday, December 8, 2007


I have been directing a school play since September. I always stress myself out the week before. This year I almost canceled the whole thing. It just wasn't going as planned. Last Thursday was performance night. Everything was going wrong: I needed last minute angel costumes so I sacrificed my white curtains and made four quick costumes, the performance cd got scratched and was skipping, kids were getting sick and weren't sure they could make the play, the sound system man didn't get to the dress rehearsal to practice and arrived only an hour before the play started. I had to go over everything with him and quickly set up the speakers and mikes. It was time for the play to start and one of my lead roles was not there yet! The show must go on, I would throw Austin (the understudy) in and hope he could pull it off. As we started the music the student showed up (15 min) late and after almost pulling out all my hair the students pulled it off. I think they did it to me on purpose! LOL.. It did not look that together in the last few practices. It was perfect! The parents loved it and it ended up being a wonderful night. The most important part was the message of the play and seeing the children sing out to Jesus. I think God had his hand in all of it that night, because it was really about him!

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Momma TaderDoodle said...

I am going to remember this post in three weeks when we do our Christmas pageant at Church. We are a tiny congregation and have scrapped together as many kids as we can ( I think we have six total) and we're tweaking the play to give us a chance to explain why the Dad's playing wise men will also play shepherds. We have our FIRST rehearsal on Wednesday. We get four practices and that's it... Thank you for sharing this, I needed to read it!

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