Monday, December 10, 2007

Dissecting rats!

No not with me! I signed the kids up for two co-op classes today. Co-op's are classes given by teachers (or other mom's) in which we get a handfull of students together to take the class. They are great! They will start their new biology workshop in January. This class will be taught by a high school biology teacher who is offering it to elementry students. They will be introduced to Class Mammalia, examining the different organs and systems. They will focus on Order Rodentia (whatever that is) Thank God for Co-op teachers! They also will dissect a rat, yes a rat...have fun Faith! LOL. (she is not happy about this!) It should make for some great pictures. I'll be sure to post later:) Austin on the other hand is thrilled!
I also signed them up for a computer class on Wednesdays starting in Jan. Austin and Faith will be the only ones in the class. The teacher will cover typing, keyboarding, intro to microsoft word, graphics/publisher, excel and power point. Then they can teach me!

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suburbancorrespondent said...

Yes, we outsourced high school biology - no way I was doing that stuff!