Thursday, December 6, 2007

My Junk Yard

Recently, I have been looking for a black side table to go next to our desk to hold our printer/fax machine. I haven't been successful at it until we were driving home late last week and I saw a tabel on the side of the road! Heyyyyyyyyyyy I begged my husband to turn around and throw it in the back of the car. "Trust me, with a little paint it will be perfect." I assured him. (he's rolling his eyes at this point) "Don't you see the potential?" I said ...(he never see's it) Sure enough it fit in the corner and was the perfect height. It even has a drawer for his billing supplies!
Ok, I admit it. I'm a trash digger..well sort of! haha...
Being that I choose to be a stay at home mom who home schools I also have to sacrafice some of my shopping habits. I love to decorate our house, but can't afford to shop from the Ballard Designs catalogue:( I just fix up junk and make it look like I do. It actually has been fun decorating this way, it has become one of my hobbies:)
Even though my husband laugh's at me when I come home with the hummer loaded with junk he is always suprised at what I make of it and... I'm saving him money!

Some of my junk!

PICTURES OF MY NEW JUNK YARD (believe it or not alot of it was trash!)

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