Monday, December 17, 2007

Dealing with Terrible Two's

How to deal with terrible two's during our home school hours. We usually can get all our work done on time if we just stick Landen to the wall!

I'm kidding!

Well a couple of us home school mom's who try to keep our toddlers busy while we home school our older children got together and made activity bags. 12 mom's in all. We each made two different activites 12 times so 24 bags all together and then swapped all of them with eachother. I now have 24 different activities to help me keep Landen busy while I teach the other ones. Everything I need is in a zip lock bag. It's education and fun, plus easy to clean up!

I had fun going through all the bags to see how creative these mom's are and I am excited to have some fun learning time with Landen as well.

Here's a couple activites:
Ring toss
3 water bottles filled with rice and rings made of pipe cleaners. Makes for a fun time of ring toss. aim and accuracy, hand and eye coordination, confidence building, judging distance and counting skills

Let's go Fishing
Foam fish with paperclips attached and a stick (pole) with a magnet at the end. Makes for a fun day of fishing in the livingroom. hand eye coordination, motor skills.

Bean Bag toss
Just a cardstock with a target on it and 5 bean bags.
hand-eye coordination and target practice.

Alpha Spoons
plastic spoons with the alphabet on the them and cardstock with the ABC's on it. upper and lower case letter recognition and ABC order

Painters Match up
a laminated art pallet made from cardstock and clothes pins with matching colors. One side of the pallet has shapes the other has just colors. Match either the color or the shape.
color and shape recognition.

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Brianna said...

I'm gonna love seeing the picture of the rice all over the house. haha