Monday, December 17, 2007

Saturday Night Fun

Boy has Saturday night's changed now that we have kids. We spend our time thinking of ways to pull out loose teeth. Last Saturday Faith's first baby tooth was loose and so dad got the fishing wire and I grabbed the camera.

Dad tying the knot around Faith's tooth.

Landen grabs string and takes off running...


Landen grabs string again, Faith looks the other way (she can't watch) he takes off and yanks the string...

He loosened the tooth but it didn't come out

Landen hug's sis. He feels bad when he see's Faith bleeding


Daddy is determined to get this tooth out!

Without Faith even being ready Justin gave a quick tug and the tooth went flying across the room

Faith puts hand over mouth, not sure yet if the tooth is out!

She realizes it's out and starts crying... we couldn't stop laughing


Searhing for the lost baby tooth

Moving all the furniture

After 45minutes of looking I finally gave up... not Daddy, he got out the flashlight

And the broom...still looking

The tooth was found an hour later and Faith was excited to go put her tooth under her pillow

Who would of thought one little baby tooth could equal a night of entertainment for the whole family!


Julie said...

Hahah!! Sounds like our nights when Hannah has a tooth that needs to come out.

Amy said...

oh too cute. When my oldest was little he and his dad were taking the hound dogs down to our pond when Dustin insisted on stopping to tie his shoe. He put the lesh in his mouth to hold between his teeth and the dog couldn't wait a bit longer for the water. Off he took and there went the loose tooth into the hay pasture. We never found and I still have the tear soaked letter he wrote to the tooth fairy pleding for $... It is so cute to look back on things like that.

Amy said...

Lol!!! I started going back through your archives and reading and laughed so hard at this one.

I just recently posted funny pics of my daughter crying when she got her ears peirced (the crying started before they touched her ears) and started to wonder if I was mean for that, but now I feel a little better, haha!! :)

Love your blog, you make me want to load everyone up in an RV and sell our house!