Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Where's your kids shoes?

Today after we finished school we headed out to Irwindale for the Scholastics book fair. I had my leash and was ready for some good bargins. Landen was wearing his new spiderman light up shoes that his grandma bought him. The same shoes he wears to bed too! He won't take them off he loves them. He was in a good mood sporting his new shoes. As we entered the giant warehouse Landen started yanking my arm trying to run around. Like a dog on a leash chasing a pesky cat. He started throwing a fit and screaming when I wouldn't let him run free... then the looks and comments started.. are they all yours??? why aren't they in school??? I threatened him by telling him I would take him to the bathroom for a spanking if he didn't stop. He didn't care and to the bathroom we went... Finally, I said that's it if you don't stop I am going to take your spiderman shoes off. That only made it worse, so I took them off and told him he couldn't put them back on until he could learn to be quiet and be a good boy. What do you know?????? It worked! He was so good sitting in the cart with his shoes right beside him. So thanks to grandma for the silly light up shoes, I can now use them as a threat! The rest of the day was relaxing we just hung out reading and enjoy all our new books. The kids have enough books to keep them busy for along time. I better never hear I'm bored and I expect alot of book reports!

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Brianna said...

I'll get Justin a pair of those light up shoes for Christmas. haha